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week 14 wrap=up

Good afternoon RSL family. Last week marked the 74% threshold for Calendar year 2022! Hard to believe. We had bear hunters, musky hunters, the Girls Gone Fishing crew in their usual cabin and a few former coworkers of mine including my boss David H and his better half Ann. Needless to say it was a fun and busy week!

We’ve started a major project as summer fades so this won’t be the lengthiest blog this season. Weather was decent last week, and we had 4 days in a row of high sun and little wind. Perfect if your trying to catch a tan. If your chasing fish around though it was a little too nice but it didn’t keep people from catching fish.

Walleyes were in their predictable spots, and the sandbar has been very productive. Although we didn’t catch a 30-inch Walleye it wasn’t for a lack of trying. We had a lot of very nice fish boated, photo’d and released! David and Anne (1st timers) were bantering back and forth Saturday when they came in for lunch and Anne informed me there were no fish in the lake. We’ve all heard that statement on pretty much every body of water and it makes me laugh a little inside. Later that afternoon when David and Anne returned from afternoon fishing Anne basically did a mic drop on her hubby and said his name is now netb*&^% as she walked away headed for the cabin. Apparently, she started catching fish! Very funny indeed. Of course, Harvey and I witnessed it and didn’t allow David to forget the rest of the week.

The musky hunters Adam and Moose were chasing the toothy critters. Although they only boated a couple last week the amount of follows, they had was remarkable. I can’t remember the number but it was over 50. They had a few more hookups but didn’t get them in the boat. Adam said they had quite a few big fish come right up to the boat and leave on their figure 8. Amie (Adams sister) took the girls out walleye and perch fishing and apparently Amie is quite the musky guide because friend and angler Julie boated a 45 ½ inch musky with walleye tackle. So I think the battle has been waged albeit a friendly battle between Julie and Adam.

Monster/Micro Fish Monday tournament results! Beth Scozzafave came in 1st place with the biggest Walleye of the day at 25 7/8-inches! David Hamby had the Micro prize ripped out of his hand when his better half Anne boated a hard fought 6-inch Smallmouth Bass! Anne caught him on the Beachhouse dock trying to catch a smaller Bass right at the end of the tournament and I’m thinking it was better that he didn’t catch one smaller than hers! They are a tad bit competitive with each other and the banter being spewed back and forth is worth listening to and of course laughing at! Amie Egstad had a very impressive 31-inch Northern Pike caught, photo, and released and I thought we were going to have another Girls Rule type of week. However, Dan Brasel caught his first Northern Pike in three years on Perrault Lake and it happened to be 32 ½-inches. Congratulations to all of our winners!

We had our bear hunt and harvested a nice bear. Congratulations to 1st timer Aaron. With the bumper crop of blueberries this year attracting the bears from natural food to the bait has been a bit challenging. We could have harvested another, but the hunter felt it was a tad too small. Other camps in the area were having similar issues getting the bears to eat and one outfitter told me he had bears on cameras walking by baits and not stopping. I’m guessing nature was feeding them well. Locals in the area have said they’ve never seen so many blueberries. If you like to pick blueberries this would have been the season for sure!

We’re into Week 15 and I can’t believe its already Monday! Time to get back outside and enjoy the weather! Until next time tight Lines!


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