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Week 16 wrap-up

Good afternoon RSL family. Where has the season gone? We’re through Week 16 already! Before we start to reminisce about the season though we must charge through September! What a ride this first season has been for Steve and I. Mike and Chris (previous owners) were up this week to help pull some walleyes out of the lake and it was fun having those two here. There is a picture of Mike and I in the lake (temp dropping quickly) repairing one of the ramps so we can use it to dock boats while Steve, Harvey, and I rip out the middle ramp and build a new one. The photo Chris got of us chest deep in water I will post once we get it. Needless to say, a hot shower afterwards felt pretty good.

The walleye bite was 25 to 35 feet. Reif our triple crown THT winner this year was working the sandbar all day and into the afternoon and coming back with good numbers by himself. His normal cast of characters were busy, so he was on his own this fall. The wall off of Little Manotak has been hot at 30 to 35 feet of water, and the big Pike are strapping on the feedbags throughout the deeper reefs and humps. Little Whale, and Whale Rock were productive and there was a 34-inch eye pulled off the hump from another camp with a jigging rap. Hopeless point, and just inside the point were producing fish and wasn’t considered Hopeless. Numbers were good when the weather was cooperating. We did have a couple days where the wind forced anglers into other locations of the lake.

Many anglers saw a large musky around Burnt Island. That musky reared his big head and was caught, photo and released by one of the guides on the lake. Measurement on a paddle/oar had it above 55 inches, and close to 60 but without a tape measure it was hard to gauge the actual size. So those guests who told Steve and I there was a big musky by Burnt Island were not exaggerating. The fish was put back into the lake very healthy.

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Reif (three peat) with a 23-inch walleye, and Ted with a 24.25-inch Northern! Congratulations! I don’t have pictures of the fish yet, but I did see the pictures.

Bear hunting has ended and what a blast to experience it first hand. Steve’s bride Karen was here to relax a bit and volunteered to help us track bears. She was a welcomed addition and really had a great time. Mike gave her the ultimate responsibility in placing toilet paper in the trees while we traipsed through the woods tracking a bear so we could find our way out. It’s dark in the bush at night as you could imagine. She was there to help with Nathan’s bear and saw the production line the next morning. I think she had fun and will volunteer to help us next year too if I ask nicely. Nathan harvested a very nice bear, and his hunting partner missed what would have been the largest bear harvested this year and it was a beautiful bear. Our other two hunters were looking for specific bears and did not see what they wanted but it seemed they really enjoyed their time in the woods this week. Nine Bears harvested this year! Great success and great job hunters! Nathan and Brett were met by a pack of wolves on Thursday evening and they videotaped (too dark to see) the pack. They were loud and close and probably a bit unnerving if you were in the woods alone. Fortunately, they were close to their vehicle so decided to call it a night. Brett did capture a very cool photo of one wolf and I’m hoping he will send it to me so I can post it on Facebook.

If you have videos of fish caught please send them to us through email or Facebook so we can load them on our YouTube page.

If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page.

Navy term of the week: Mid-rats: Short for mid rations. The food line opens from midnight to 6:00 a.m. that usually consists of leftovers and easy-to-make food like hamburgers, sandwich fixings, and weenies since sailors work swing shifts on ship.

Onto Week 17 folks! The trees are starting to turn up here and the scenery is getting more beautiful if that’s possible.

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