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Good morning RSL Family!

Week 6 is a wrap and this concludes our shortened 2021 season.

Our musky hunters Adam and Moose boated a couple muskies this season and saw more monster muskies this year than any other year up here. Moose had a big musky attack a bait he had floating in the water as they were preparing to start fishing on day 1! The explosion next to the boat was incredible, but of course they didn’t catch it since he wasn’t even holding the pole as they were still setting up for the first casts of the morning. Word to the wise don’t hang your bait in the water while sitting on musky territory. Good news as he didn’t lose his pole.

Walleyes continued to be found in the deep autumn patterns, and as Steve and I were prepping to close up camp the lake turned over and we had a couple evenings of great action in 11 foot of water right off weed edges to conclude our fishing adventures this year. The walleye bite this season was just tremendous, and although we all had to deal with Covid for the past 2 seasons the lake sure didn’t mind the lack of fishing pressure. As everyone knows the fishing is great up here, but take the pressure off the lake for 2 full spawns, and throughout the season and WOW the fishing got easy! We had several groups that normally come up earlier in the year and decided to switch or add a September trip to their plans for next year. All I can say is every month up here is excellent and we have more believers than ever. Don’t take my word for it though as you can ask Mike and Chris (former owners) when they like to come up and fish. September all day long.

The moose hunt was more difficult due to the beautiful weather we had the last 2 weeks of the season. Although they saw some plus 50 bulls they couldn’t get them within range of their arrows so instead of taking a risky shot they chose the smart route. Moose hunting can be trying at times, but Chuck and Mike enjoyed the 2 weeks in the bush calling and getting responses.

Steve and I have made it back to the states safely and want everyone to know we really appreciated everyone that came up. Although additional steps had to be taken to cross the border this year everyone said it was easy, and the paperwork not cumbersome. We believe the requirements will be in place again next year so if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will try and assist you with anything we can.

On behalf of Steve, Harvey, Darlene, Bill, and I we look forward to a great 2022 season and can’t wait to see everyone up in God’s country.We will not be doing the sports show circuit this year as we don’t have enough cabins available to justify the expense, but we will start doing shows again in 2023.

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Good morning RSL Family!

We blew through Week 5 and the fishing was awesome! The leaves are turning and we’re getting lots of end of season projects finished up. We had perfect Walleye weather. Little rain (mostly at night) and a few days of some wind and a few days of just gorgeous big ball in the sky and nice temp type days. All in all, a typical fall week. Steve and I were treated to some awesome fish and one of my new favorite’s walleye egg rolls (Thanks Carma)! Thank goodness Harvey and I decided to forgo the Biggest Loser contest this shortened season!

The Walleye were caught with ease in the normal fall patterns, and of course as per usual our biggest fish caught was by an 8-year-old by the name of Jett. He landed a beautiful 26 ¾ inch Walleye on Thursday during the newly formed Ted and Jett Annual biggest walleye competition they started. This year Jett went 3-1. Ted was a good sport about the competition, but I’m sure he is gearing up for next season with some tricks up his sleeve. Congratulations Jett! Remember education doesn’t only happen in the classroom folks! Let’s remember to take a kid fishing and build those strong ties to the outdoors and conservation! A big thanks to all our guests for releasing those Walleyes over 18 and Pike over 27 ½ .

Pike fishing sure has been fun this year as Doug, Mary, and Terry hunted the toothy ones and had great success just like the previous week. I’m adding Mary’s 41 ½ inch Pike again this week since I posted it after the blog was finished. Doug was holding the fish for her as she said it was too big for her to hold. Caught, photo, and released for the next generation to hunt!

Although we ended Monster/Micro Fish Monday Ted and Ryan decided to take a few photos of what they considered Micro fish winners. I have to say Ted would have won hands down almost any week this year with a small mouth bass that was barely larger than the jig he caught it on! You’ll have to check the photos to see for yourself.

Bob Pagel, and Ron Abrams hit Perrault Lake, and some of the smaller bush lakes this week, and the smiles were plentiful. It’s always fun to talk to those 2 when they get back from their fishing adventures. They also golfed in Ear Falls this week and had a nice meal afterwards. Fishing isn’t all that’s offered up here folks. If you want to take a day and go golfing, or maybe a little shopping (keyword little) you can always find things to do.

The Birks clan had a lot of ease coming in with fish to eat, and they had great success adjusting to the fall pattern as they usually come up earlier in the year. I could go on and on with every cabin and their hauls this week, but I digress. September fishing is some of the best on Perrault Lake.

Our moose hunters arrived early this morning and we hope to have pictures in next week’s blog as they were here and gone before I got up this morning. I’m sure they are setting up and doing a little scouting today before they head out to hunt.

Our dedicated Musky men are at it and we hope to have some photos in nexts blog of their catches. I know many musky anglers that couldn't make it this year so just remember to ensure your in the books for next year!

It’s hard to believe we’re on our last week of fishing and we are so grateful to everyone who decided to come up and vacation with us at RSL this year! The overall theme was once you started the paperwork it seemed tedious but when completed and they got to the border it really was a smooth entrance into Canada. I think the Arrive Can app has made the crossing smoother, and everyone told us the border agents seemed friendlier.

We speed into the last “Fastest Week of the Year” for 2021, and we might get a little sandbar fishing in with guests this week. So, with that said I better get a start on a couple more projects before the afternoon wanes into the evening since hours of daylight are getting shorter

. Take care everyone and stay safe!

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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Good morning RSL Family!

First off please remember today and all the sacrifices made. Too my brothers/sisters in Harm’s way you are remembered, stay safe and take care of each other. For all of us please take a minute to Remember 911!

It’s hard to believe how fast our shortened season is going with Week 4 completed! It was a great week with a few days of light rain on and off but mostly at night. A few days with some wind and several days of absolute perfect conditions with light breeze and temps in the 60s. Sandbar was busy again on most evenings. We have averaged about an inch of rain each of the last 3 weeks, and mostly in the evenings when everyone is back at camp. Much more rain is needed to move the lake levels but we will take whatever we can get at this point.

The Walleye bite stayed strong and minnows turned back on later in the week. Anglers were catching fish with both crawlers, and minnows but location mattered for which bait the fish seemed to want more. Our advice is to take both out. Jigging Raps are also being used with great success. The bite has been solid, and eaters are easy to catch with a lot of bigger fish being caught and released (thanks to everyone for protecting the fishery). Although we haven’t caught a 30-inch walleye yet many quality fish are still being caught.

Pike fishing last week continued to be excellent. Doug and Mary from Iowa City (Go Hawks) have been eating fish everyday and the toothy critters have been on the menu as well as walleye! Mary boated and released (thank you) a 41.5 inch Northern. Their board only went to 38-inches but my trained eye determined it to be between 41 and 42. Monster fish to say the least. Awaiting the picture from Doug. Doug and Mary are doing so well they are only keeping 26-inchers for take home. That’s a pretty small window. LOL.

Not too many smallies were targeted but we did see some nice size fish come back. Bill took Mike and Cher out for a day of fishing and they caught nice size perch, walleye, bass, and Pike in 11 feet of water in the weeds. Also, as many of you know Bill keeps his tackle box in his front pocket (bag of jigs) but he showed up to hang out with Mike for the morning and brought a tackle bag! We have a picture if your hesitant to believe me. Those of you know Bill know how significant that is and will get a big kick out of this information! Bill wanted to throw some for musky but alas the walleye lured (pun intended) him into catching them all morning. Maybe next time Bill! Great day!

September fishing is super you just need to bring your warm and cold weather gear because you never know what mother nature might bring. Yesterday we got the camp prepared for guests, and the temps were warm for us up here and it reached the mid 70s. I do realize people down south are laughing when I say 70s and warm in the same mouthful. Looks like mostly 50s and 60s this week, but as we all know I’m not a weather guesser. Camp is bustling again this week with many long time guests/friends back.

So far not too many issues at the border, and the politeness of the border agents has been better than in the past. I think they realize the loops people have to jump through in order to cross so they have been very professional, and courteous!

As we enter the last few weeks I often catch myself thinking about the lost season of 2020, and am so thankful to have laughter and fish tales flowing through camp again. We have missed too many of those great stories, and jokes. As for those who couldn’t make it this year we sure look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces next season! Without our friends/family/guests we are just another unused vacation home up north. For that we appreciate you!

Last note:Go Hawks Beat the Clones!

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