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Good morning RSL friends, family, and guests. Steve and I arrived yesterday and started work towards the beginning of the season. Ice is still on the lake, but I wouldn't walk on it. Steve and I stopped by Tall Pines last night to chat with the new owner Ryan. He saw a lynx walking across Wabaskang and it fell through the ice about a hundred yards from his lodge. If a lynx can fall in imagine what this guy would do to the ice. I love ice fishing, but I'd prefer to stay on top of the ice.

It's hard to believe winter is over and we are approaching the opener. Yesterday I noted to Steve once we got the water on in the main house and I'll sleep well. No Leaks!! (Thanks Mike B for the lessons). Callie has been chasing grouse around the yard and is very excited for another season!

We are starting the barbeques week 1 this year and are moving the barbecue to Monday nights. We're also adding micro fish Monday as well as Monster fish Monday fishing contests. I also have the hats for our previous winners last year who did not receive theirs. Just remind me when you arrive, and I'll get you your hat.

Water level is way up. Those bringing their boats early this season will have an easy in and out of their boats on the docks. The new ramp is ready for its first season.

Bill told us to expect an Ord River, Ord bay, East bay, type of opener which is typical for our springs if you have ever fished early up here. Spring is slowly turning up here. We expect the ice to be off the lake around May 9th to 10th. I will be posting pictures on Facebook all this week as we go.

Steve and I purchased 2 kayaks this year by request so provided the weather is fine feel free to take them out and paddle around a bit. All you have to do is find one of us and let us know you are taking them out for a spin. Feel free to keep giving us your thoughts on how we can improve your Rocky Shore experience and we will do everything to help make your trip memorable.

It's so great to be back in God's country! 2019 is off and rolling folks, and we can’t wait to see everyone of you safe and sound for your vacation with us.

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