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Monster/micro fish monday tournament results

Monster/Micro Fish Monday tournament results! I have a couple co-workers/friends up here this week and they had some success! Beth Scozzafave came in 1st place with the biggest Walleye of the day at 25 7/8-inches! David Hamby had the Micro prize ripped out of his hand when his better half Anne boated a hard fought 6-inch Smallmouth Bass! Anne caught him on the Beachhouse dock trying to catch a smaller Bass right at the end of the tournament and I’m thinking it was better that he didn’t catch one smaller than hers! They are a tad bit competitive with each other and the banter being spewed back and forth is worth listening to and of course laughing at! Amy Egstad had a very impressive 31-inch Northern Pike caught, photo, and released and I thought we were going to have another Girls Rule type of week. However, Dan Brasel caught his first Northern Pike in three years on Perrault Lake and it happened to be 32 ½-inches. Congratulations to all of our winners!

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