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Week 1 Wrap-up

The 2019 Season started and what a week it was. A couple guests arrived before the walleye opener and were able to provide us our first shore lunch of pike. Thanks Dean, Len, and Paul.

Although this is our 2nd season most of our guests know Steve and I have been traveling to this pristine body of water for many years and fell in love with this area and especially Rocky Shore Lodge. On that note I have to say this year was without a doubt the best opener in many many years. John DeJaynes has been traveling to Canada since 1971 and confirmed to us he felt this was the best opener. I equated it to watching You Tube videos of Asian Carp flying into boats, but obviously that would be a stretch. Aw what the heck I’m an angler too and I would assume by the time most of the first week’s guests make it home the walleyes will be literally jumping into boats! Roger and Larry told me in one morning of fishing near Hatfield Island they boated no less than 50 over 20-inch Walleyes! They have been up for the opener for years. I could go on and on but needless to say limits were caught and released everyday folks. That’s a lot of fish.

The Walleyes were found mostly out of the river system. Not that you can’t catch some in the Ord, but it was just unnecessary according to our anglers. So, with that said the main areas were East Bay (meat hole), Ord Bay, Hopeless Bay, and trolling shorelines with crankbaits. 6 to 8 feet of water. Water temp is in the 40’s except Ord Bay is 50ish because of the river flow. The lake is up a foot or so making the drive into Spadina/Rainy Lake easy. Don’t forget to look for the Loon nesting when you travel into Spadina in the channel on the left.

We witnessed the 4th Annual Walleye Opener Polar Plunge thanks to Nicholas Beanish. I posted the video on Facebook. The water was around 37 so he didn’t swim around much! It was a sight to see.

Monster Fish Monday kicked off with our weekly smoked Pork Loin (Thanks Steve) and I grilled burgers and dogs. We also started Micro Fish Monday, but I think the guys didn’t remember or something because the smallest reported fish was a 10 inch Perch. Nice catch Paul Swiatly! David Fouch caught a gorgeous 27-inch Walleye, and John DeJaynes blew everyone away with a 42-inch Northern Pike! Congratulations to all three of you!

The biggest Walleye caught this week was right off the dock by Alex White. He boated a 29.75-inch Walleye. The tail wouldn’t stretch anymore. Bring your suntan lotion and a bobber. The largest Pike caught this week was John DeJaynes 42 inch Pike. Several guys boated 18 inch Smallies!

Harvey and I have started our biggest loser contest again so feel free to bring plenty of goodies up for Harvey and Darlene. They appreciate it….and so do I…..;). It seems I was successful in finding the weight I lost last summer. I can’t find things staring right at me at home, but the weight was a different story.

That wraps up this week folks.

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