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               2024 kicked off last Saturday and the fishing was quite solid.  Water temps were in the low 40’s and have slowly moved up this week.  I was on the water Sunday and temps were anywhere from 43 to 50 degrees.  Seasonal temps have been cool so we’re expecting a slow warm up.  One day of rain kept the video room busy with guys taking advantage of movies.  

One day the wind was unfriendly but our anglers got out and braved it.  Fortunately, the wind wasn’t coming from the Southeast.  Please remember to respect mother nature folks.  Another lodge had some anglers blown onto rocks by 6 foot waves that day and it took hours in order to rescue them from the shore.  OPP was called upon to use their rescue boat from Ear Falls to rescue the two anglers.  No major injuries occurred but they were probably close to hypothermia.  The boat sounds to be severely damaged.  Again please be careful and mindful of the power of mother nature.

Nick Beanish did partake in the Annual Polar Plunge on Monday (Victoria Day). Thanks Nick for keeping the tradition alive!

Water levels are high and getting into Spadina should be fairly simple.  As always take caution if you want to head in there.  It’s been wet so far this month so make sure you prepare for all weather conditions.  Those of you that took advantage of the U-shaped dock last year remember stepping down onto a step we built because of the large drop.  This year you will be stepping up onto the U-shaped dock just to give a visual indication of where we are at waterwise. 


We had a winner for the Original Rich award as long time guest Jerry non voluntarily took a polar plunge.  The funny thing about the story since no one was injured other than pride was earlier in the day I was talking to Jerry and he told me the new bump boards we made and brought up should be marketed as he thought I did a great job on them.  I stole the idea from one of our guests and made bump boards for everyone’s boat.  He stepped back placed his foot on the bump board and slipped into the lake.  Fortunately, he got pulled into the boat quickly by Gary.  BTW Rich you were missed this year and Chris as well!

Walleyes are in the typical early spring locations.  8 to 11 feet of water seemed to be the depth.  Dan from P1 happened to catch a 27, 28, and 29-Inch walleye on consecutive casts, and then boated a 26 to round out what most would consider to be a fantastic 30 minutes of fishing.  I tried to purchase the horseshoe he was using but was unsuccessful in my attempt.  Guess everyone will have to earn it this year! 

Some nice Pike and a few muskies were caught this week but no one really targeted them with frequency so not a lot to report.  Obviously muskies are out of season but the accidental catch does happen.

Crappie sightings again this spring but not stringers full.  A nice 15-incher was caught.  Amazing how they just disappear in the summer months.     

I’m going to attempt to make these a little more brief this year but hopefully still informative and maybe a little entertaining also.  I didn’t get many pictures this week.  Remember you can always email them to us at

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