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week 10 wrap-up

Good afternoon from Northwestern Ontario. Another busy week at Rocky Shore Lodge. We are doing some staining, and typical restoration around the camp and before I knew it Thursday arrived. I felt like I hardly spent any time talking to guests and they were packing up and getting ready to head home. How time flies up here is just amazing. We had wakeboarders last week, and with the water around 70 degrees lots of swimming during shore lunch. Temperatures have been warm but not hot (at least yet). Fishing hasn’t slowed down, and lots of bobber fishing off humps, and sunken islands have had the kids in the action and enjoying the summer up here. So far, the rain we have been receiving has been during the evenings for the most part and lots of fishing is done without too much raingear. Now that I’ve said that I probably just jinxed this week’s guests. The crawfish boil Katie cooked was delicious, and I know some say it looks like bait, and I suppose it does but I like Cajun food anyway. Thanks Kate for making us the (mudbugs) Crayfish lunch.

Walleyes were plentiful yet again and this broken record is welcome in my eyes. One newcomer asked me if we’d consider letting them keep 20-inch walleyes since there were so many being caught, and I basically reiterated the watershed policy of letting the big ones go back for future generations, and I think he understood. Well hopefully anyway. The docks slowed down as many anglers simply fished up until 9pm in their boats, and the private boats often stayed out past 9pm hammering the walleyes throughout the lake. My nephew Connor and sister Jill caught their first walleyes, and Connor boated several fish up to 25-inches. He’s spoiled now I think, and Jill caught some nice fish as well for their first trip to Rocky Shore! Harvey is stating the walleyes are full of leeches when he cleans them, and we have plenty of leeches on hand for you to feed them. Nightcrawlers are also working well.

Smallmouth bass were easy this week and many big bass were caught with the biggest reported at 19-inches. Rock piles were the best for the bronze back.

We had a couple groups dedicated to musky fishing and if my count is correct 9 muskies were boated, and very healthy. Anika (sp) Gingle caught her very first musky ever so congrats to her and we were told she has really put in a lot of time fishing for the fish of 10,000 casts. Muskies were being targeted on Perrault on rock piles and Cedar in the weedbeds, but no one was being specific about their whereabouts.

Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts. Thanks.

Monster/Micro Fish Monday results: Congratulations to Brian and Chris (father and son) Birks for landing 3.5-inch Perch to capture the Micro prize. Rick Peters landed a 20-inch Northern Pike, Steve Ruffatto with a 33-inch healthy Musky, and Charlie Nickel with a very fat healthy 27-inch Walleye.

It sounds as if the 502 construction is getting better, and there are fewer parts that are gravel. Some guests this week said it wasn’t a big issue.

Our families and significant others have departed, and I can’t say I’m not a bit saddened by that but at least they were able to come spend some time with us and we feel grateful for the fact they came up. Harvey has certified Conner (my nephew) as a dockhand already, and My Julie’s Maxwell and Katie were kind enough to lend a hand with some staining and trench digging! Thanks all!

That’s all for this week, and we didn’t have any funny stories to tell, or at least no one fessed up to any writing material for this week’s blog so until next week away we go into Week 11. Hard to believe we are over halfway thru with this season.

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