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week 11 wrap-up!

Good morning RSL friends and family. Week 11 is in the books and the fishing hasn’t slowed down. We had warm weather this week, and a few cool days as well. Newcomers Jack (brother of Leah kasten), Katie, Ben, and Jenny came up with Leah and Les and Harvey named them the fun bunch! Lots of laughter coming out of that boat except yesterday. While waterskiing Jack’s gas gauge was incorrect and he ran out of gas while they were as Jack put it going to harass Leah and Les in their boat. Needless to say, a tow was required, and that was the first out of gas incident this year. I know I wouldn’t have predicted we’d get into August before someone ran out of gas. Jackson a.k.a Action Jackson was helping Grandpa Bob bring in the boat yesterday and Jackson grabbed the dock and boat pulled away from dock. We were walking towards the boat but too far away so in the water he went by the launch dock. Water to his waist. It wasn’t bad according to Jackson. You know when you watch something happen and it seems like slow motion? That is what I watched yesterday walking down the road towards the dock. No injuries other than a little pride.

Leah landed her 4th 30 incher in 3 years as many of you probably saw on Facebook so Congratulations again Leah! She also outfished the crew according to Les. Quite a few over 28’s were caught this week including Action Jackson with several nice walleye! Grayson caught some big walleyes as well for the Cabin 6 Butzke crew. Nice job guys. Summer spots are where the fish are being caught now, and lots of fish at that! All the humps, Burnt Island area, Hatfield, and Sandbar are working. We’d like to tell everyone that the conservation program everyone has adopted is really working and making this fishery tremendous!

The smallmouth bite is on fire still, and Don and Maria from Cabin 3 boated between 25 and 30 nice smallies in one afternoon. It’s their first time to Rocky Shore Lodge.

Two Muskies were caught by Zachary Phillips and his mother Janalyn netted both fish. They fished on and off for muskies and yesterday they said was the most fish they have seen follow their baits. Hopefully next year will be Janalyn’s year to boat her first Musky.

Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts. Thanks.

Monster/Micro Fish Monday results: Congratulations Leah Kasten, Zach Graber, and Zachary Phillips for winning their respective categories. Obviously, Leah with the 31-inch Walleye, Zachary Graber landed a 23-inch Northern Pike, and Zachary Phillips came in with a whopping 3.5-inch Perch! Great job on a windy, cool day in God's Country Anglers!

Time to start baiting bears as we will have our first hunters in a couple weeks. I’m not opposed to it cooling down a bit for baiting but nonetheless we will be getting prepared for bear hunting.

The summer is flying by as many of you know and Week 12 is here already! I’m not sure if I’ll get used to having to say goodbye on Thursday’s or not, but I think I’m a little better than last year. I can always look at the bright side and say at least we got to spend the week together.

Until next week…

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