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Week 13 Wrap-up

Good morning RSL friends and family. Week 13 started with some non-Canadian weather and ended up driving the walleyes deep. I was playing with the bears the last couple of days so the blog was put on the back burner so my apologies to all. Off we go into the wild blue…. Sorry that’s an Air Force saying. Let’s just begin the weeks wrap-up.

The walleye bite was 25 to 30 feet down for the better part of the week. We had 3 straight days of mid 90’s reaching about 100 a couple days. Then a cold front dropped the temps down 40 degrees overnight. This really slowed the walleye bite, and I’m not going to sugar coat it. Fortunately, the bite returned on Wednesday and Thursday. Of course, when Bill took people out he found the eyes easier than anyone else. This was the week for a light bite considering most guests were out looking for Perch, Northern, bass, and Musky. 2 cabins spent some to a lot of time chasing the eyes so we couldn’t gauge how difficult the weather made it to hunt the Walleye, but even Bill said it was a very light bite. With the haze from the forest fires in BC, Alberta, and Lac Seul the sun hasn’t had as much power to heat up here so believe it or not the haze here is welcomed for us that like the cooler breezy weather.

We still haven’t had rain and the MNR banned all fires including charcoal grills. They allow propane grills only so if you are coming up and the conditions are the same please feel free to use our propane grill. Grilling food up here is just better for some reason.

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Maiya with a 16.5 in Walleye in the crazy 40 degree temp drop day, and Dillon caught a very nice 28.5 inch Northern Pike. Congratulations you two! I still need the Pike picture so Wayne please send us this pic if your group possesses it still.

Perch and Bass were caught with ease, and we’re really not sure how many Cabin 2 and Cabin 6 caught. There was a lot of perch eaten and taken home. Nice job everyone.

Bear hunting officially started on Wednesday and Bill from Cabin 5 barely got comfortable in his tree stand before harvesting his 215 pound (fully dressed) beauty. We have four hunters this week out in the bush so stay tuned for some photos of nice bear.

Steve mentioned to me how the dishes being brought down for our weekly cookouts were rated from tasty to gotta have. So if you’d like to share a recipe on Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge we’d love to put something together and leave a little RSL cookbook in everyone’s cabin. I’m just putting a feeler out so let us know if this is something you are interested in.

If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page.

Navy term of the week: Mind your P’s and Q’s: In the days of sail when sailors were paid a pittance, seamen drank their ale in taverns whose keepers were willing to extend credit until payday. Since many salts were illiterate, keepers kept a tally of pints and quarts consumed by each sailor on a chalkboard behind the bar. Next to each person's name, a mark was made under "P" for pint or "Q" for quart whenever a seaman ordered another draught. Also, on payday, each seaman was liable for each mark next to his name, so he was forced to "mind his P's and Q's" or he would get into financial trouble. To ensure an accurate count by unscrupulous keepers, sailors had to keep their wits and remain somewhat sober. Sobriety usually ensured good behavior, hence the meaning of "mind your P's and Q's".

Week 14 is already in full swing!

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