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Week 13 wrap-up!

Good morning RSL family. With Bear season kicking off we have been super busy and trying to take care of guests has kept me from typing, but alas I’m carving out time this morning to update everyone. It’s been a great week of weather and lots of blue skies and temperatures that are agreeable with 99% of the population. It’s been gorgeous for the most part. The camp was busy catching fish and I was busy running to the bush feeding the bears, and helping assist Harvey down at the dock. I was very fortunate to have my better half Julie spend the week with me!

The season is flying by and the fishing hasn’t slowed down! Speaking to other outfitters and the sentiment is the same and anglers are being rewarded. Somehow this great fishery has gotten better and if there is one positive to come out of being shut down for basically two seasons… No fishing pressure through 2 spawns is high up on the list!

The walleye bite has been steadily moving toward the fall pattern finally. For those of you that come up earlier in the season and boat across the lake to the Ord, burnt out bridge, meathole etc. you would be interested to know the fish get closer and closer to the lodge (docks notwithstanding). Most anglers this time of year don’t have to go any farther than Hatfield Island to catch their limit. There are lots of humps, and deep drop offs that attract Walleyes, Bass, and Northern Pike. With most places out of leeches we are catching lots of fish on crawlers and minnows. Steve stated to me the other night after Al and he came back in from fishing the sandbar “I’m really digging using crawlers now”. Of course, Reif, and Steve H would attest to that. Crawlers really are a great bait up here for walleye catching!

According to the locals up here we have had a bumper crop of blueberries some haven’t seen in a long time. Some of our guests were able to take advantage of the bumper crop of blueberries. I have seen lots of blueberries while out baiting bears and grabbing a quick handful has been quite easy! The Blueberry patches have been.

The weekly Monster/Micro Fish Monday tournament held on Monday was as usual! For some odd reason we have lots of anglers striving for the Micro prize over the biggest fish prizes. I’m thinking guests are just having fun catching fish and the fact that going for the smallest gamefish on one day has taken hold fairly well. With that being said Lee Timmerman was awarded the Micro Fish prize when he landed a 5.75-inch small mouth Bass! Repeat winner Al Bonifield netted a 27.25-inch Northern Pike to take that prize, and Jeff (Beau) Boville caught a respectable 22-inch Walleye! Congratulations to all our tourney winners! Until next week’s tournament tight lines Everyone!

Although we didn’t have too many funny stories it took Harvey and Beau approximately 38 seconds to start needling each other and it continued the entire week! In all seriousness we had a wonderful week with everyone, and sarcasm was thick throughout the week! I don’t have too many photos this week, so I hope as the days go by I’ll be able to update the blog! Tight Lines everyone!


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