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Week 14 wrap-up

Good evening RSL friends and family. This weeks blog has been interrupted by what my son would call fluffy or a Bear to the rest of us. Yes it’s an inside joke that only a handful understand so if you hear me call a bear Fluffy, it’s because of my youngest son Miller.

The walleye bite was still 25 to 30 feet down for the better part of the week. Anglers were getting them on the sandbar (obviously) in the evening, north of South Sister, floating in the bay next to the lodge near Manotak island just drifting in 20 to 25 feet of water. Kind of weird actually. The wall off of Hatfield has been producing walleye, Nellies rock, Whale Rock, and Hopeless Bay.

Charcoal Grill ban is still on although we did receive some rain last night that was measurable. We still need more.

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Dan with a 20.5 inch Walleye, and Tonya with a 30.5 inch Pike! Congratulations!

With Bear hunting in full swing it was a great week. As I mentioned last week Bill got his bear on opening night. We had 2 double headers this week with two firefighters Jason, and Charles who got their bears on Saturday evening, and Dan and Jim got their bears on Thursday. Congratulations Hunters! Rocky Shore Lodge was 5 for 5 this week, and we didn’t have to move mountains to get to the bears. They were all dropped quickly with 30 yards. Trees and bush in the way were moved (permanently) in order to get the bears out. Chainsaws are a wonderful thing.

Adam from Cabin 3 caught a beautiful 48.5-inch Musky! It was a huge fish, and safely released back into the abyss.

This week is already flying by, but I will save any comments for next week’s blog.

If you have videos of fish caught please send them to us through email or Facebook so we can load them on our YouTube page.

If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page.

  • Navy term of the week: SOS or S&IT-ON-A-SHINGLE: Creamed chipped beef on toast. I’m trying to keep it clean folks so I’m sure you can figure out the first word.

Week 15 is flying by so until next week!

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