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week 16 wrap-up!

Good afternoon Rocky Shore Lodge friends and family! Week 16 is gone and Wow has the time flown by. Fall fishing is hitting on all cylinders. Water Temps are reaching low 60’s to high 50’s now and the evenings are cool and beautiful. We enjoyed the opening of NFL season last night with pizza in the Beach House as the Pack beat my Bears yet again. I’m used to it so as much ribbing as the Pack fans wanted to give me it was for not. Should be a fun season, nonetheless. Jackie Kaster caught a nice 36-inch Musky while Mike was busy catching a Seagull…by accident… He threw his jig and minnow into the water and before the jig could sink a seagull (Carl Lewis relative) swooped in at mach speed and grabbed the minnow. The seagull ended up getting line wrapped around its leg, so Mike had to reel it in to get it off. The bird was having none of it though and chomped down on Mike’s hand. Jackie to the rescue gave him some gloves and he successfully released the bird unharmed. The story was much funnier when Mike told it then how I’m describing it, but needless to say it was funny. We had another camp cookout in the garage, and I think I may have gained a few pounds I lost this summer unfortunately. LOL. I’ll be better this week….I hope.

Callie found a skunk in camp and escorted said skunk out of camp and over the septic field albeit with a little smell attached to her fur. I believe she scared the... out of that skunk. As people were coming back from the sandbar the could smell the skunk a ways away from the camp. I could actually hear them in some of the boats commenting. Fortunately, the skunk is gone, and Callie only took a very light glancing blow of stink. She is allowed in the house. Callie 1 Skunk 0.

Walleyes were staging in the 25 to 40-foot range on the steep drop offs. The deeper water has to be fished cautiously. We will be making sure anyone fishing in that depth takes care to reel slowly so the fish can be released safely. You don’t want to blow the insides out of those gorgeous fish. Patience is a virtue that’s for sure. Plenty of fish in the safer ranges of 25 to 30 feet anyway.

Smallmouth and Perch were caught with ease. Dan and his better half Jeanine (or Jean Nine as I pronounce it) crushed the perch. They kept mostly 10 inchers and above with a few 8’s in the bucket as well. Minnows worked better to get the bigger fish according to Dan. Stan (Dan’s father) and Tom the gauntlets been thrown down and Dan says you won't beat their catch (or maybe I threw that in)! You have work to do when you get up here. Monster Fish Monday results: With the end of our Monday night BBQ we are concluding the Monster Fish Monday contest for 2019. With that being said, Congratulations to Diana Schultz with a nice 23-inch Walleye, and PeeWee boating a great 24.5-inch Northern Pike fit for the frying pan. Jay Weber won the Micro Fish swimbait with a 7-inch Perch. It's been a great contest this year and we appreciate the competition and fun everyone had during the summer. Congratulations to all our MFM winners in 2019.

Week 17 here we come!!!!!

Navy history/trivia: Name the 7 animals on the forecastle (foc’sle) or front end of the ship.

1. Monkey Fist

2. Bull nose

3. Rat guard

4. Wildcat

5. Pelican Hook

6. Mousing

7. Turtle Back

There are more but that’s enough for those of you studying for you Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist designation.

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