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week 17 wrap-up!

Good morning Rocky Shore Lodge friends and family! As we shook hands with our Week 17 guests and wished them safe travels it’s hard to believe where the week went. We had wind all week and our anglers were forced to improvise overcome and adapt (Heartbreak Ridge reference). Not too many sandbar evenings this week that’s for sure. Looks like we’re going to hit 75 on Monday, but that’s September fishing. Some days are great, and some are not so great, but as our guests would attest it’s not work its fishing which is better than the best day at work. Brian, Celeste, and Jett caught 42 fish in a 24-hour period, and they did it on slip bobbers in 40 feet of water. You just have to fish where the fish are. We’re going to be starting a new ramp soon with the other one torn out but the weather like I said hasn’t been very good for building cribs and such, but I expect to have pictures this week of the new ramp. We’re also putting a wall in Penthouse 1 to make it a 2-bedroom cabin for those of you that stay up there. We lost a buoy over by Little Hatfield, and one of my former coworkers (Beth) and her husband Dave found the pebble beach that comes out. Fortunately, they weren’t traveling fast and didn’t do any harm to their boat. Dave and Beth both got in and pushed their boat off the beach so I named the beach after her. They did see the weight and line that we used to secure the marker buoy. If you are traveling up here this week or the next we will remind you about Beth’s beach (Yeah I named it after her LOL), and to stay farther off shore. Hoping I can get a marker buoy out there soon and it will be a non-issue again.

Walleyes were seen in 35 to 40-foot on the steep drop offs. The wall off Hatfield, Deeper water off Hopeless point, and Little Manotek wall were all producing. Some nice perch and one crappie were brough in from Spadina, and Hopeless Bay areas. With the warmer temps coming back this week it should be interesting fishing, and hopefully some nice sandbar evenings catching walleyes will be had.

Monster Fish Monday results: After discussion with the official judge and magistrate we decided to continue the contest through September, and besides we have hats and lures so why not. Congratulations to 2-time winner Jett Mikijanis he grabbed the Micro fish prize with a 5-inch Perch! First timers Beth Scozzafave, and Colin Frey pulled in 25-inch Walleye's for the Walleye hat, and 2-time winner Roger Beall boated a very nice edible 25-inch Northern Pike for the other prize. Competition was fierce and a good number of 20-inch and above were caught yesterday.

Navy history/trivia: Why are navy Chiefs called goats?

One pet, a goat named El Cid (meaning Chief) was the mascot aboard the USS New York. When its crew attended the fourth Navy-Army football game in 1893, they took El Cid to the game, which resulted in the West Pointers losing. ... This is said to be the source of the old Navy term, Goat Locker.

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