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Week 17 Wrap-Up!

Good morning RSL family! It’s a beautiful day to be in God’s country. Anglers are out searching for the most monstrous and microish (new word) fish this morning. We also have some guys up looking for grouse. I’ll update you on that in next weeks blog.

The weather has been good and the lake is dropping fast as we haven’t really had any measurable rain since early August. Getting to a point now that I’m hoping for rain and it wasn’t too long ago that I was hoping for no rain. Go figure. Camp is full so I’m sure guests prefer not to wear rain gear.

Walleyes remain in 25 to 30 feet of water. We have had guys catching them on the weed edges in 10 foot also, but usually by accident as their looking for Perch and Pike. I took Tia and Gerald out to the Sandbar Sunday evening and Gerald boated a beautiful 29-inch Walleye. There was a tad bit of smack talk towards his better half and she took it in stride as she whipped him Monday. I gotta say we tried to stretch it to the 30-inch mark but alas we failed. Photograph and released healthy. With the water temps cooling into the low 60’s and some areas upper 50’s releasing those bigger fish is much easier on them. The sandbar is such a great way to finish the day running out and dropping a line in the water even if for only an hour and a half.

Good morning RSL Family! We held our Monster/Micro Fish Tournament Monday and here are the results! Tia Marr caught 2 26-inch Walleyes! Great Job Tia! Dan Brasel came in with a whopper of an 8-inch Smallmouth Bass. He released it back in the lake actually. James Smith caught a 22-inch Northern Pike. Congratulations Everyone!

Karen’s brother made his first trip up to RSL. He brought his wife, daughter, and her husband. I believe their daughter Meredith is a natural as I witnessed her boating fish after fish on the sandbar while the other four basically watched. She did allow everyone to catch some, but her pole was on fire that evening! We had a great time during their visit.

The season is waning, and I’ve got to take advantage of the big ball in the sky so with that “Tight Lines Everyone”!

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