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week 18,19, and season wrap-up

Good morning RSL family! Steve and I made it back safely to our homes in Wisconsin and Nebraska. After some rest and relaxation (I needed it) and our annual family trout fishing trip with my dad and family/friends, I figured I better get off my backside and get busy!

What a fast and crazy season we had. 2022 definitely lived up to the Fastest Week of the Year mantra! Somehow, I’d love to be able to slow it down but it seems like we just opened up and now we’ve been back to the states for almost a month now. I was scrolling a little bit through Facebook yesterday and Perrault Falls received their first measurable snowfall of the year. We had one day where it snowed but it didn’t stick. The fall season was absolutely beautiful and the temperatures were mild allowing us to get stuff done in a comfortable manner. Our anglers also were able to get out fishing somedays in shorts. As we all know it’s a good idea to bring a lot of different clothing since you never know what you are going to get in the fall.

We’d first like to thank all of our guests who came the last month of the season and really appreciated their patience and willingness to allow us to get some big projects completed. As much as we wanted to be down by the waterfront it just didn’t happen with regularity and thanks to Harvey for picking up the extra load on that end.

Walleye fishing this year was incredible and fish were being caught in places our guide (Bill) hasn’t seen in many years. I think the lake level early on helped the spawn and allowed the monsters to spawn and get back in the lake without being caught as easily. Not as many 30-inchers were boated throughout the season but we had an awful lot of 29 plus caught and released. Josh W caught a 29 7/8 inch Walleye and we had quite a few 29 ¾ walleyes caught. Was an outstanding season of every variety and size caught.

Northern Pike fishing was excellent and there were a lot of nice eaters brought in. I enjoyed listening to our new guest couple Jake and Amy head out on Saturday morning and on Amy’s first cast before Jake could even get tied up she boated a 22-inch pike and a 42-inch Pike at the same time. The funny thing about it was they were in the grass between us and Manotak Lodge. That grassy area has brought so much fun and excitement over the years and many people simply boat on by it looking for Pike. The weeds hold every species of fish and you don’t even have to leave sight of the Lodge!

Smallmouth Bass remained plentiful and easy to catch. Not much more to be said on that end!

Adam and Greg came up in the final week to chase muskies, and they had success. Greg caught a very nice musky! They both caught a few and had lots of follows! Big pike really enjoyed the musky lures they were throwing! Something for you pike anglers to think about. Lots of 30+ pike caught! I will update photos when they come in!

Our moose hunters had success and harvested a huge Bull Moose! Measured close to a 50-inch spread! Mike O Congratulations! We know it’s a ton of work!

Our Final Monster/Micro Fish Tournament was conducted and Dennis Stewart was awarded the Walleye trophy after he caught and released a beautiful 26-inch Walleye. I could have sworn I heard Eric laughing from across the lake when his father boated that big fish! Really nice job Dennis. Hope you didn’t rub it in too long on your journey back home! Jim Keller boated a very nice 33-inch Northern Pike to get the trophy! Jim also joined the 30-Inch club earlier in the season if you didn’t hear/read. Not a bad year for you Jim! His group came up and did some grouse hunting as well and if I remember correctly I didn’t get an invite to taste any of them. All kidding aside I think they had a very relaxing week of casting and blasting! If you are interested “shoot” us an email/phone call/text and we will assist with your plans. Ryan Perry took home the Micro prize with an 8 ¾ inch Walleye! Nice work Staci netting that huge lunker!

Steve and I are going to be reaching out to everyone in January to ensure your reservations are still solid. With the border restrictions going away we have been filling up the cabins quickly and we want to make sure as we start the sport show circuit we have accurate reservations. When you receive our Christmas newsletter we will have an RSVP on your reservation for next season. Please drop us a line to confirm your reservation and that nothing has happened which will preclude you from coming up to visit us.

If you weren’t able to come up to visit this year due to border restrictions and you want to come back please get a hold of us quickly.

On behalf of Darlene, Harvey, Bill, Steve, and I we thank you for your patronage and lasting memories you provide us each and every week/year! Turning the page to 2023! Hope to see you at the Sports Shows!

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