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Week 18, 19, and wrap-up

Good evening RSL family. As I write tonights blog I am watching it snow like crazy outside. Hard to see Manotak island from here. While I have been neglectful the past couple weeks we wanted to get some mandatory improvements done before the weather really set in. Fortunately, the boats are out out of the water, the cabins are dewatered, and the flag dock is safely pulled in. Mike always told me to get the work done before you have fun, and I gotta say he was right.

As for our final blog for the season I can't believe the time flew by so fast. Season one is complete and on behalf of Darlene, Harvey, Steve, and I we all want to say what a great time we had with everyone this year. Tons of stories and jokes were had. As the leaves turn and drop off the trees we can look back and say thanks to everyone for allowing us to spend time with you during your vacation to RSL! You can choose to go anywhere and do anything and the fact you chose RSL means so much to all of us. Before you ask, Harvey and Darlene will be back next year provided they don't win the lottery (their words).

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Maxwell with a 22-inch Walleye, and Billy caught a monster 36 inch Northern Pike during week 18. Week 19 was a little different as we had Musky hunters, a moose hunter, a couple gents searching for perch, and one cabin new to Perrault and looking for pike and walleye. Gary caught a 22 inch Northern to earn a THT hat.

Make sure you look for the Christmas newsletter as we are going to try and get it out prior to Thanksgiving so everyone has time to plan during the holiday season.

If you have videos of fish caught please send them to us through email or Facebook so we can load them on our YouTube page.

If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page.

Navy term of the week: Three Sheets to the Wind: We use the term "three sheets to the wind" to describe someone who has had too much to drink. As such, they are often bedraggled with perhaps shirttails out, clothes a mess. The reference is to a sailing ship in disarray, that is with sheets (lines -- not "ropes" -- that adjust the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind ) flapping loosely in the breeze.

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Congrats Mike and Steve on completion of your first year at RSL. As I told you, first it’s one, then five, then ten, etc. so enjoy each one and continue to live your dream. Hard to imagine it is snowing there when it is 80 here. See you next year.

Rodger, Jackie and Nicholas

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