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week 2

Today marks the end of Week 2 and the beginning of week 3. The hot weather (relatively hot) we endured over the last 2 weeks left yesterday. As a matter of fact one of our guests who was pulling his boat out stated the lake cooled 15 degrees in one day. Wow if true. I did speak to our guide Bill and he assured me once the fish transition to their summer spots no matter how cold the water turns they are there for the summer. That has not happened yet as of this writing.

We didn’t have any 30 or 40 inch trophies (walleye, pike) this week but we got darn close. What was very interesting to see was the amount of muskies that were accidentally caught. RSL boated a minimum of 10 muskies this week folks. That’s a lot in my book considering not one guest was fishing for them or even pike. Yesterday one of our boats from Penthouse 2 boated 3 alone.

Steve and I congratulated Len and Chase; the winners of Trophy High Tuesday during RSLs first beach house bbq of the year. The good news is they both caught a 29 inch species, the bad news our hats still haven’t made their way up to God’s country yet. We will ship them to the respective winners residences once they arrive.

The walleye fishing success rate blew-up on Wednesday. So much so Harvey donned his apron and filled up 6 buckets with fish cleaning remains. The walleyes have been caught during the past several weeks but Wednesday was by far the best day for RSL in that regard. I had to ask some of the guests if they were using some type of explosive device while out fishing. Denial is a river in Africa and Denial is what the guests were doing when asked about the possible use of C4 or dynamite. One boat came back and said they went through 3 dozen minnows and a dozen leaches in 45 minutes and caught a walleye on every cast. That’s fun!!! My ears will be listening for explosions Week 2 guests next year haha.

Crappies were still on fire as Penthouse 1 and Cabin 2 crews boated their limits and ate them. Bill was super busy this week as well guiding 4 days out of 6 and placed smiles on everyone’s face, and even fed Steve and I. That’s not good for my diet but it was delicious and besides the RSL fitness, health, and vacation hill is in full swing and I swear getting steeper everyday!

All for this week folks. On to week three!

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