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Week 2 Wrap-up

The Fastest Week of the Year has lived up to its billing. Week Two has blown by. Speaking of that we hope everyone is safe from the weather down there. Quick weather update here. Lake is up and we’re supposed to have normal to a bit below normal temperatures for the next 10 days and normal precipitation patterns, but we all know its weather guessing so I’ll leave it to the experts.

Week One was on fire and nothing has changed as the anglers this week found the fish quickly. Bill aided the hunt, and many guys were over on Hatfield, and Hopeless point. Walleyes were still caught in the river but mostly anglers looking for eaters not the big females. In fact, we had boats having trouble getting small enough walleyes for the live well but that’s a problem I’m willing to tolerate. East Bay (meat hole), Ord Bay, Hopeless Bay, College Bay, Drum Island, and the slingshot all produced very well. Hatfield sandbar on the right side was on fire pretty much all week provided you fished in the morning or the evening. Water temps are getting close to 50 in the main lake and low 50’s in the river.

Congratulations to Corey Roberts! The first 2019 member to the 30-inch club. Corey decided to soak some suckers Wednesday evening and landed a 30.5-inch Walleye off the Beach House Dock. Lots of big walleyes caught all over the lake but no 30’s until Corey.

Congrats to DeWayne Pounds who had a great week catching Northerns in the 30’s until he latched onto a 42 incher by Jackfish Bay yesterday. He uses a different technique to catch them so if you want to know what it is just ask me when you get here.

The crappie bite is just starting as 4 were caught in Church Lake.

One accidental 45 inch Musky was caught but no photos will be posted since Musky season is still closed.

Bass are still being caught with regularity.

Monster Fish Monday was fun again as anglers were out landing nice fish up until the 2 25-inch Walleyes took the prize. Congrats to Ron Roberts, and Dave Maus! DeWayne Pounds pounded his way to a new hat with a 34-inch Northern! Theresa Maue scored the Micro fish Lure with a 5-inch Perch fishing with Bill.

We witnessed the 1st Annual Week 2 Polar Plunge twice this week so I’m considering putting feelers out for Week 3 guests to see if we have any takers. Some names have already been thrown out so while you’re driving up this week feel free to flip a coin or draw straws to see who the lucky one will be. If you have bad knees, it’s medicinal according to self-proclaimed Dr. Debbie. Well maybe that was me saying she said that haha. I have a certificate from my last workplace in the office describing me as a doctor of sorts in case you are interested.

It’s going to be another crazy busy week for us up here and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Don’t forget Harvey enjoys ice cream, and other types of goodies brought from the states.

Off we go into Week 3!

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