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week 2 wrap-up

Good morning Rocky Shore Lodge friends and family! The Fastest Week of the Year is living up to its billing as I’m late with this blog. Fall fishing is hitting on all cylinders. Water Temps are reaching mid 60s. The evenings are cool and beautiful after dealing with the heat a lot this summer.

Walleyes were staging in the 25 to 35-foot range on the steep drop offs. The humps, sunken island, sandbar to name a few are producing lots of fish. You don’t want to blow the insides out of those gorgeous fish so be a little patient when reeling them up.

Smallmouth Bass were caught with ease and a lot of nice eater size Northern Pike were brought in for chow. It’s nice eating fish that I didn’t have to do anything to get fed.

Harvey is cleaning fish up until 7pm. After that I ask everyone to take care of their catch if out in the evening fishing after he is off the clock. If you need help I might be able to assist, but I’m no where near his skill level so be forewarned!

Monster Fish Monday results: Congratulations to Bethany Steindl with a 22-inch Walleye. Al Bonifield won the Northern Pike prize for a 2nd week in a row boating and eating a 25.5-inch beauty. Jeremy Steindl fought for at least 12 seconds as he reeled in a monster 8-inch walleye for the Microfish prize.

As the shortened season roars by it sure feels good to hear the laughter, and banter back in camp. I felt like Steve and I were in a morgue at times last year as it was just too quiet! Fortunately, that is over, and it sure feels like we are back to normal. The Gazebo has been used a lot, and although we need more deck chairs (which we will have next year) people seem to congregate and socialize there while looking out over the lake. What a great sight to see.

On a final note, one of my good friends dad came to fish. I don’t think Kenny remembered the mischief Wes and I got into, but it was awesome seeing him, and I hope he can get Wes up here as well! Wes if you are reading this come on up!

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