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week 2 wrap-up

Good day Rocky Shore Lodge Family,

Week 2 started with a bang. The Bandy crew arrived and decided to try out the beach house dock Friday evening. Rather than thawing their supper they decided to catch it, and they sure did. They limited out on Walleyes and caught a ton of fish off the dock. Of course, those of you that are RSL guests know how great the fishing is off the docks on our shore so its no surprise to you. Our first Loon was semi caught as Bob’s (Bobaloon now) bobber took off like a jet boat! The boys were astonished as the speed of the bobber went from right to left to disappearing. When Bob set the hook up popped a loon and his bobber. No harm to the Loon but a memory was made for sure!

While the weather was challenging with the wind last week on several days the catching was out of this world. Every cabin did well just like the Week 1 crews. A few days anglers took the long way around the lake to get back to East Bay and Ord Bay, and the river. As the spawn is coming to an end the fish are heading to their early spring spots. We also had a few moose sightings around the Ord.

Our largest Walleye last week was 29.75 (John from P2), and we also had a 29.5 incher (Bob Cabin 3) being measured. One day Cabin 6 Mark and Sarah headed out and boated (and released) over 60 plus 20-inch Walleyes. His best day catching trophies Mark stated ever. It’s amazing how a few seasons of low pressure and always releasing the Walleyes over 18-inches does to a fishery.

Jennifer, and Ralph went out with Bill Saturday and Monday, and forced me to eat shore lunch with them. It’s a tough job but I was up to the task as I’m attempting to lose my winter weight LOL. Jennifer boated a personal best 27-inch Walleye this week!

The toothy critters were caught in abundance again, and the largest one this week was from Bill in Cabin 3 with a 37.5-inch Pike! He also happened to catch it during MFM so he has the hat as well!

Speaking of Monster Fish Monday, John Rohr took the top Walleye prize with a 27.5 Inch Walleye! Bill Modrosic landed a huge 37.5 Inch Pike! Scott Wilson, Bob Sieren, and Mike Kaster all brought in 11 inch walleyes to claim the Micro fish prize.

As we fly into June up here and the weather begins to warm we sure do appreciate seeing everyone have the chance to get back up here and enjoy the tremendous fishery, and scenery!

The water is receding, and hopefully in a week or 2 the detour through Quibell will no longer be necessary. Week 3 is off to a fantastic start as fish were eaten last night and our first boat just pulled in this morning and Harvey was made busy in the fish cleaning house!

Steve is doing a weekly Facebook Live every Tuesday morning to give updates as to road conditions, border abnormalities, and anything unusual to help answer questions you might have if any.

Until next week… Tight Lines everyone!

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