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Week 2 is a wrap and it was great to see new guests and longtime guests catch some quality fish.  Water temps approached 50 on the main lake and warmer in the rivers.  We continue to have days with wind but so far we haven’t lost fishing time because of it.  Guys are being careful and taking the long way around when necessary. 

Water levels have stabilized at high and we actually went about a week without rain which helped the lake get stabilized.  As I write this the thunder is booming and everyone is in for an early dinner.    


       Original Rich award did not rear its funny head this week.  I will say on reasonable and confident disclosure that Bootsie had words with a whole lot of people including his cabin mates, and me too I think if I remember right.  All while sleeping!  Corey read to me one nights “conversations” and I feel I’ll leave them off the blog but they were funny and colorful!  It happens that breakfast is always made by Bootsie, and apparently he didn’t feel appreciated one day.    You had to be here in order to appreciate the story.  It was hilarious!  Thanks Bootsie for entertaining us!


In case the P2 crew thought I would forget let us all spell Crappie (Croppie), and Walleye (Walley)!  Brad Brad Brad…..nuff said.  As Harvey would say what happens at RSL can and will be used against you!

Walleyes are in the typical early spring locations and the river was still providing walleyes!  8 to 15 feet of water seemed to be the depth.  So far we haven’t eclipsed 30 inches yet but we’ve had some really nice upper 20’s caught and released.  I even got out on the lake to help net Mike K’s fish since his better half ran to town with the girls on Monday.  The fishing was excellent in a few spots and as per usual a few spots were not.  Meat hole, pirate ship and tween, near College Bay, Ord bay and river, and especially the Beach house Deck to name some of the locations.

Special shout out to Ryan and Kelsie for taking Cabin 4 along Saturday afternoon to show them some of their favorite fishing spots.  Mike, Adam, and Greg started catching fish and they didn’t stop until the poles went in the car to go home.  That is how we do it at RSL.  We really are an Up North family and we want everyone to enjoy themselves while up here in God’s country. 

Bill took out Bob and Julie (Newcomers) on Saturday in the rain and after catching fish in the morning they raised the flag and came in for a nice shore lunch provided by Bill.  What a great way to get to know where the fish are hanging out when you come up here.  Bill is available for guiding so make sure you let us know ahead of time so we can schedule your guided trip with Bill! 

We had some really nice Pike caught this week, and I actually boated (thanks Mike) my personal best Smallmouth Bass at 19 inches.  Lots of bass being caught and released.  Crappies were also caught with more frequency this week. 

Week 3 is flying by so I better get at it! Safe Travels everyone!  I didn’t get many pictures this week.  Remember you can always email them to us at

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