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Week 3 wrap-up!

Better late then never,

First off I apologize to our dedicated readers/anglers this week has been super busy! What a great week for our guests. Weather posed little challenge (as I write this during a rainstorm/windstorm LOL). Fishing was super, and the spawn is still on. Many fish have finished up though and are headed out into the lake. The water level is dropping down quickly to just really really high water. The rocks off Manotak are still under water but we have about a foot under the beach house deck now. Little Whale rock is popping up above the water line, so we will be getting more hazard buoys out. All in all I believe Harvey and I will be able to rip off the docks that were built on top of the docks in another week or so, and most guests were able to keep their feet mostly dry, which is a bonus.

Congratulations to Jim Keller for landing his name on the 30-inch club board. He caught a very healthy 30-inch Walleye photo and released it back into Perrault Lake. He also took home the coveted biggest walleye trophy that was held for 2 years by Collette! That was the first of many I believe this year so we’re off the Schneid at RSL!

Walleye fishing has been excellent to outstanding, with boats catching 50 to 100 a day. Lots of guests having the slight issue of catching too many big ones and they are working to get their eaters, but that problem is better than the latter. The best part is we have anglers heading out in the 8 to 9 am time frame and boating tons of fish. We always tell people you don’t have to get up early to catch a lot of fish, and most people realize the guides up here don’t even get on the water until 8am and they very rarely struggle to get guests on the fish.

Monster/Micro Fish Monday results: Collette W with a 37-inch Pike (if memory serves me), Darren S caught a very healthy 27-inch Walleye, and Ed and Jack took the Micro trophy with 11-inch walleyes (memory issue again).

Some quality Northerns have been caught and eaten this year. The usual spots for them are where the guests are catching the most, but jig minnow fishing for walleyes is also a solid option to boat some great eater Northern Pike! Bass have been practically jumping in the boat when targeted! A lot of energy packed into those fish. We haven’t seen a boat load of Crappie yet, and some guests are bringing back some nice sized Perch, but not really targeting them.

All in all, things are going great up here. The 105 by Buller Creek is down enough that MTO is going to inspect the bridge for structural damage. I know there are some using that bridge and bypassing the detour, but I would caution against that for now. The MTO thought there was structural damage they needed to assess on the bridge before completely opening it. Hopefully that will be soon. In the meantime drive to the Shell station in Vermillion Bay and across from that is a gravel highway. Take the highway North for a bout 3 miles and you come to a T intersection where you’ll turn right. This is the part of the road that needed work and I’m guessing the company (only one up here) selling gravel has made their goal for the year by nowl With that being said, the road is in pretty darn good shape. After you drive on the gravel for about 10km, you’ll make a right turn at another T intersection that is marked by a sign and a right arrow.

It's been a great early season, and we can’t wait to see all the familiar faces as you pull in the driveway! Until next time!.....Tight Lines RSL!!!!

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