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Week 3 wrapup

Today marks the end of Week 3. It was quite an eventful week.

The fish were still being found mostly in Spadina, Church, and Lost Lake. The walleyes are still slowly making their transition out into the lake. It seems the weather pattern is starting to settle a little bit and not to the extreme we saw the first 2 weeks of fishing this year.

This week we saw the boating of over 20 muskies all by accident and that puts the total over 30 muskies. Also, we added 2 members to the 40 inch Northern Pike club. Congrats Laurie, and Blake. One was taken off the beach house deck which of course isn’t surprising. Lots of mid 20 walleyes this week also. One group got into the perch this week and were very close to getting their limit. With over 10 guys you can imagine how many perch that was. There were a lot of shore lunches served this week.

Trophy High Tuesday was a hit with many anglers fishing off the dock after coming in and finding out their fish was no longer in the lead. Somehow we fit all the guests in the beach house for the bbq and award presentation (still no hats).

The hungry and apparently starved otter reared his/her ugly head a lot this week. The brazen otter took a sucker minnow and wrapped it around the deck ate the sucker and swam off all while a crowd watched anxiously.

I also played amateur surgeon and removed a hook out of one of the guests hands. I knew it would be part of the job but we’ve had 3 hooks in 3 weeks. Here’s to hoping a little less human hook setting and a continued fish mouth hook setting.

It’s hard to believe we are headed to Week 4.

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