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Week 4 in the books

Week 4 is in the rear view mirror RSL family. With the interesting weather we are having up here it seems we might be entering the summer phase of fishing.

The fish were mostly being caught in the lake (yes that sounds funny) and in the mouth with a hook right?.

Wednesday night the sandbar was alive if that tells you anything. If not, that means the fish have made the transition for the most part and the sandbar can provide great evening fishing all summer long.

There were a lot of over 25-inch walleyes caught this week with 2 31.5-inch Walleyes. Another congrats to Gary (first trip and largest walleye) and Don. Thanks guys for the pictures of those 2 huge fish. One group caught more trophy fish than eaters, and they couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing how many big fish were caught within eye sight of RSL. In case you don’t feel like traveling across the lake there are plenty of trophy spots close by. For a small price (free) I’ll point you in the right direction.

Musky season opens tomorrow! For those not in the know the 3rd Saturday of June is when Ontario opens up the season for musky in this region. The group this week were not accidentally finding the muskies like the previous 2 weeks so not many were caught. It’s almost as if the musky knows when the season opens I’m sure a lot of deer hunters can relate.

Trophy High Tuesday winners this week were Craig with a 28in Walleye and Tim with a 30.25in Northern. Of course, I must wash rinse and repeat the awarding of their hats since we are still waiting for them to come in. I think I’ll be the most excited person when we get the rest of our apparel in. The royal office, esteemed judge, and magistrate Harvey did another superb job this week and ensured a fair contest. Remember folks just let Harvey know if you are entering and get a picture of the fish holding it and up against the tape if possible. It will make it easier for us. As far as I know Harvey can not be bribed either. All fish must be released unless they are eaters.

The otter hasn’t been around much, and I’m wondering if he made his way down the lake to Manotak. I am sure he will be back, but maybe tasting a hook last week when he stole someone’s bait didn't taste as good as the otter thought. Benji I believe.

I want to extend a thank you to all our guests for not needing to call on Dr. Schweiger this week (amateur hook puller).

With Week 5 staring at us Steve and I hold this week a little special. This is the week our group comes up for the most part, and in fact this week marks my mothers first trip to God’s Country and Rocky Shore Lodge. We spoke to them yesterday on their way to International Falls and they arrived safely. I have no doubts she will find this place as beautiful and special as all of us do. I’m very excited to see my family, and the rest of our guests this week.

Until next week, let’s get fishing and head full steam into Week 5!

Tight Lines for all!

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1 Comment

Roger Reifsnider
Roger Reifsnider
Jun 15, 2018

Great report guys, enjoy your time with family. I will see you in 2 weeks

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