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Week 5 wrap-up

Week 5 is a wrap. If you ever considered getting a tan in the south on vacation not necessary. Come up to Northwest Ontario the third week of June and you will not have a problem. It was warm folks this week. Next week looks to get back to lower temps and more traditional fishing.

The weed walleye was the ticket this week. If you found weeds and were patient enough moving around them and not casting through them you were rewarded. The fish weren’t messing around with the bait either. In the weeds the fish were hungry and staying out of the sun. It took a little bit to dial into the pattern but when our guests did the fish started piling up. Even as close as the weed bed between us and Manotak was excellent and anglers were catching beautiful fish and eaters too. The boys in Penthouse 2 (my family and friends) really got on them and had boats with over 50 fish caught in a 3 hour period. My mom and dad had a double and I hear it was funny to see. Thank you David for landing both fish and helping make mothers first trip to RSL memorable. She said “I will be back next year.”

The Northern Pike was present in the weeds and if you wanted pike they were easy to catch while looking for walleyes. Congrats to Tom for a monster 43 inch Northern Pike! It was a thing of beauty.

Not many muskies caught but the guys that did fish for them saw plenty and Ryan and Stacy in Cabin 3 almost hooked into a monster. Stacy commented she didn’t know what would have happened if Ryan actually landed that fish it was huge. Even Steve and I got out for a bit this week and floated over a nice 40 plus musky just sunning himself in the cabbage. I dropped a jig on his head and he didn’t even budge. I doubt I would have had the tackle to catch it, but I was willing to give it a shot. It was fun to play angler for a half a day, and now we have to get back to work.


Trophy High Tuesday winners will be receiving their hats as they came in!!!!! I will post pictures of them on the Facebook page. Adam was the big winner this week. 28.5 inch Walleye and a 31 inch Northern Pike. Congrats Adam!

If you weren’t dialed into the Facebook page last week there was some fun had with our instate college sports friends and family. Barry, Doc, and Chaz taped an Iowa State flag to their boat and were flying it proudly. I told them they would probably scare the fish away. Then there was the afternoon their boat ran out of gas and had to be towed in by my nephew Preston who of course was wearing Iowa Hawkeye gear and that just made it more fun. The jokes were flying all week.

Steve and I were talking last week and we realized as of today we are 25% of the way through our first season. Mike and Chris always told us it flies by and I have to say they were not wrong at all. I am sure they are enjoying Alaska.

If I seem a little sad on Thursdays its because I am a little bit. I know how Thursdays feel for our family and guests since I was one for so many years, and the fastest week is coming to an end. I’ll get over it. With Friday we get the camp prepared and the new arrivals come in and that is a great feeling.

So in closing, this has been a great adventure this summer and Steve and I are having a blast, and its all because of the memories you are making up here with your friends and family and we appreciate you sharing them with us. Without you this wouldn’t be possible and we really want everyone to know we appreciate it. You can go anywhere on vacation and the fact you choose to come to Rocky Shore Lodge is very special to us. We only hope to keep carrying on the traditions Mike and Chris started, and maybe come up with a few new ones. Let us know your thoughts.

Full speed ahead into Week 6! (Yes we’re Navy vets here so if you hear Navy terms you will know why.)

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