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Week 5 wrap-up

Good afternoon RSL family and friends! I’m a few days late with this weeks recap. We were busy busy. That’s my excuse at least. When I said I’d have a few stories for you because my family group was going to be here they didn’t disappoint. Although, this year we didn’t need a Hawkeye boat to tow in an Iowa State boat (twice) my family had their share of fun. We had a full camp and a lot of anglers tearing it up yet again this week. The leech bite has turned on and all three live presentations are working. I saw a few boats hanging out on Hump 3, but we haven’t had anyone try it out yet. The fishing is still hot around Hatfield, Tween, Drum, Meat Hole, The Snake Pit, Twin Islands, and Manotak Island. There is more but you get the drift. We are tracking the fish as they traverse towards the summer pattern.

We celebrated Ryan and Staci Perry’s 20th Anniversary this week which was great. We witnessed my friend Barry (The Weasel) attempting to color his beard because he caught his first ever musky, and apparently on the trip up the boys were goading him into all kinds of things if he finally caught one. He stuck with 2; Polar Plunge, and dying his beard red. We also had a couple fisherman who decided to test the venturi effect on their boat as they found a few rocks (no damage) trying to get a fly rod (pronounced Flyy Rawwd according to Eddie Mac). The rock must have bounced just right, and it pulled the plug out of the boat. They were in the Ord River. We will just say the venturi effect worked as planned, but as soon as they slowed down, we had to get the boat out of the water. There were no rocks harmed during their lure removal event/filming, or boat for that matter. My son Ryan brought his girlfriend Sydney Carroll up for her first ever Canadian fishing experience, and as the video put it she caught 2 fish at the same time. She latched onto about a 20 inch pike and a 40 incher clamped onto the 20 incher. Both fish were netted and released. Amazing Sydney! That’s some fun folks.

Congratulations go out to Kent Lawson, Trevor Perry (youngest ever at 7 years of age), and David P. Schweiger for landing their first ever 30-inch Walleyes! Water temps are in the 60’s pretty much everywhere. Suckers are done for the year. There were walleyes, pike, perch, bass, and whitefish caught off the docks last week. I have no idea how many fish were caught but we will say conservatively over 100. Ryan Perry caught 30 in one night so let’s just say if you are short a few due to one too many shore lunches you can make it up hanging out on the dock in the evening.

Monster Fish Monday results: Three young ladies dropped the gloves and fought for the Walleye hat. Well ok maybe they didn’t fight for the hat but it was fun watching them record their fish. First Barb Bruce came in with a 22 incher, then Came Megan Kraege, with a 23.5 incher, and MacKenzie Perry beat them both with a very nice 24.75 inch Walleye. A personal best for her also. As for the Northern First Timer to RSL Gordon (Gordie) Hagert landed a 27.5 inch Pike, and the Micro Fish contest this week was extremely competitive with many fish registered under 10 inches, but alas the winner was Larry Bruce with a 3 inch Perch. It appears he used ice fishing gear. Congratulations to all our winners.

Found out some Crappie were being caught in Spadina/Rainy last Monday and Tuesday in the pencil reeds. We will send some boats out to check it out.

The weekly Polar Plunge was completed by Barry (The Weasel) Nieland, Bill Gary, and my brother David P. Schweiger. 2 were done because of promises kept on the way up, and one was done according to Bill because why not. He swam the next day out to Manotak Reef and back so I’m guessing although cool the water isn’t bad anymore folks.

I’ve probably soaked up enough of everyone’s time so onto Week 6 we steam.

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