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Good morning rocky shore lodge this is what happened during week 5.  First off, I hope everybody enjoyed Father’s Day with their dads.  Steve and I were pretty darn blessed to have my dad come up even though he's 91 years old and still went fishing every day and it was a really special week for us.  The Schweiger group came up as well and a lot of our family friends as well. 

You know it's hard to believe so far this year we have only had one original rich award winner and that remains week five had zero incidents that would justify the trophy presentation of the original rich award not saying that's a bad thing that's kind of a good thing but I'm sure we'll have a few this year and I will be sure to let everybody know what happened

Water levels on the lake are still high and we continue to get enough precipitation to keep the levels high they have gone down a touch this week though we're looking at getting more rain and the water is probably going to remain high for most of the summer and that's not such a bad thing. We can deal with the higher water rather than the lower water

Walleyes last week definitely started their transition into summer spots.  Guys were chasing walleyes all over the lake and they arrived on some of the humps and there were a couple guys that love fishing the humps and they did extremely well Paul from cabin four boated at 146 walleyes a lot of them were caught off hump 1, some of them were caught near whale rock and a few other spots that he didn't necessarily tell me but they're normal summer spots.


Week 5 Monster Fish Tourney results from Sunday June 16, 2024: 

Micro prize goes to C-2 Brad with a 9-Inch walleye. 

The Walleye Trophy was presented to Beth from C-3 with a beautiful 26-Inch Walleye.

A Northern Pike measuring 32-Inches was caught photo and released by Ryan Perry.

Congratulations Winners!   

Musky fishing started and there were also some nice Pike were boated this week! I don't have too many pictures.         

What a memorable week for Steve and I.  We got out and went fishing with my dad three times and despite a few projects being put on hold it was well worth it.  I also got out

fishing with my brothers and best friend since kindergarten Mike (Eld) along with others. 

As we turn the page to Week 6 an old phrase comes to mind that makes me a bit emotional these days thinking about it.  “Dad, Thanks for taking me fishing”!  I remember the first time he took me fishing and all the great times we had at Lake Agate in Minnesota back in the day and so many other fishing adventures we have went on throughout the years!  Don’t forget to make those memories with your family because you never know when

the opportunity will end!  I love you Dad!

Take care and Tight Lines everyone!

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