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week 6 and season wrap-up

Good morning RSL Family!

Week 6 is a wrap and this concludes our shortened 2021 season.

Our musky hunters Adam and Moose boated a couple muskies this season and saw more monster muskies this year than any other year up here. Moose had a big musky attack a bait he had floating in the water as they were preparing to start fishing on day 1! The explosion next to the boat was incredible, but of course they didn’t catch it since he wasn’t even holding the pole as they were still setting up for the first casts of the morning. Word to the wise don’t hang your bait in the water while sitting on musky territory. Good news as he didn’t lose his pole.

Walleyes continued to be found in the deep autumn patterns, and as Steve and I were prepping to close up camp the lake turned over and we had a couple evenings of great action in 11 foot of water right off weed edges to conclude our fishing adventures this year. The walleye bite this season was just tremendous, and although we all had to deal with Covid for the past 2 seasons the lake sure didn’t mind the lack of fishing pressure. As everyone knows the fishing is great up here, but take the pressure off the lake for 2 full spawns, and throughout the season and WOW the fishing got easy! We had several groups that normally come up earlier in the year and decided to switch or add a September trip to their plans for next year. All I can say is every month up here is excellent and we have more believers than ever. Don’t take my word for it though as you can ask Mike and Chris (former owners) when they like to come up and fish. September all day long.

The moose hunt was more difficult due to the beautiful weather we had the last 2 weeks of the season. Although they saw some plus 50 bulls they couldn’t get them within range of their arrows so instead of taking a risky shot they chose the smart route. Moose hunting can be trying at times, but Chuck and Mike enjoyed the 2 weeks in the bush calling and getting responses.

Steve and I have made it back to the states safely and want everyone to know we really appreciated everyone that came up. Although additional steps had to be taken to cross the border this year everyone said it was easy, and the paperwork not cumbersome. We believe the requirements will be in place again next year so if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will try and assist you with anything we can.

On behalf of Steve, Harvey, Darlene, Bill, and I we look forward to a great 2022 season and can’t wait to see everyone up in God’s country.We will not be doing the sports show circuit this year as we don’t have enough cabins available to justify the expense, but we will start doing shows again in 2023.

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