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Week 6 wrap up

Good morning RSL family, friends, and guests. Week 6 seemed to just be starting, but even I got wrapped into the Fastest Week of the Year. Week 6 weather wise was a little warm, and we had a day or two of intermittent rain showers.

The walleyes were harder to find in the weeds, but some guests definitely were catching them. Seems like the humps off Hatfield, Times Square, Whale Rock were where the majority of walleyes were being caught. Slip bobber fishing was working very well even when there happened to be a light bight. The weed bed between us and Manotak was still excellent and anglers were catching nice pike and walleye.

We added 2 members to the RSL 30 inch walleye club this week. Congratulations to Judy, and Dan from Cabin 6. Dan caught his off the flag dock, and Judy got hers near whale rock. Judy came up this year to RSL trying to surpass the 25 inch walleye. She blew it away with several fish over 25. Dan went to measure the fish she caught yesterday afternoon and when he got the tail to the tape the fish jumped out of the boat and Judy almost sent Dan into to get it back (just kidding), but I’m sure a few encouraging words were said to her husband after that. We will call that a quick release. No photo unfortunately, but the tail was between 30-32 inches. She earned her coffee mug. Cabin 6 was counting their walleyes and they were over 100 yesterday. I’d say the humps are going to be where our anglers will be spending a lot of their time.

The Northern Pike was still being caught in the weeds, and anglers were finding them plentiful. We had Ethan, and Ryan up for their first trip to RSL, and they had a lot of fun targeting the toothy critter. See ya next year boys.

No Musky fishermen this week, however Ethan caught his first musky with his first Canadian fish caught. Nice job Ethan!

We had some boats focusing on Perch as well. Bob, Jack, and (Donny (first trip)) had fun, and Bob was making sure the boys were busy catching Pike, Perch, and then some walleye.

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Rhonda with a 32 inch pike and Ryan with a 26 inch Walleye. Great fish you two!

Steve and I had a wonderful time this week and we want to remind everyone how much we appreciate you choosing to vacation with us at Rocky Shore Lodge. You have lots of choices, and without you there wouldn’t be a Rocky Shore Lodge.

The memories you create with your crews/families up here will last a lifetime and we enjoy being even just a little part of it. Who would have guessed the motto “The Fastest Week of the Year” would also apply to Darlene, Harvey, Bill, Steve, and I as well.

Navy term of the week: Haze Gray and Underway.

Tight Lines to all our anglers out there and now onto Week 7.

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