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week 6 wrap-up

Good morning RSL Family!

Week 6 and the Schweiger crew and company had a great week as did all our guests. The RSL family is a strong one and with that in mind we had a couple that had issues with the Arrive Can app and didn’t make it up to God’s country. Please give us a call if you are having issues with it. I will add a button to the website for assistance with Arrive Canada (ArriveCan). I hate to see someone not make it because of that.

Thanks Dave and Ted for the US Navy flags. We allowed our Marine pilot in the picture as well. Pictured in the picture is over 100 years of Naval, and Marine Corps service! Freedom isn't free! I'm thinking the Crow's Nest might become a tribute to the military up in the rafters, and maybe a bit of nautical heritage! Not tacky but just right! Hope everyone's 4th of July is tremendous and relaxing!

Fishing has not slowed down and this week the wind liked to hang out as well. We had 4 days of wind this week, which I guess the wind down south has been unusual as well. Didn’t stop the fishing and catching as folks just decided to not cross the middle of the lake. Fishing patterns are slowly moving into summer mode, but Steve boated a 23-inch eye in the Ord River last Saturday when we took dad fishing. We wanted to show him how high the Ord is still and it's always a scenic boat ride. When family is up it’s always just a little more special and emotional for me. I’m sure you can understand balancing family and guests is difficult as I feel I should be pulled in both directions equally and hopefully our guests didn’t feel neglected as Harvey and Darlene pulled a little harder and Steve and I surely appreciated it!

We implemented a bit of a change with fish cleaning as we ask the guests to stay and package their fish. This policy should have been the standard considering the guests will get the ticket if a fish is mis identified, but because of the steep fines (here is an example) we’re moving in this direction. This article explains how an angler received a 4,000 dollar fine for having 4 walleyes over his limit and a 2 year suspension of fishing in Ontario. I feel it prudent to have guests package their own fish as Harvey can’t be held responsible for your possession as he doesn’t walk into cabins and count fish in refrigerators and freezers. When the Conservation officers stopped by to do a check on camp a few weeks ago they recommended we use Food Savers, or Zip Lock bags instead of the butcher block paper. They said it’s not illegal to use the butcher block paper but its inconvenient for them when they are counting fish. We’re not purchasing a commercial grade vacuum sealer, but if you feel inclined you may bring your own or bring zip lock bags up for your fish but its only an option folks. The butcher block paper is legal, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to help the CO’s with their fish counting.

Walleyes are not jumping in the boats but holy cow (Harry Caray reference) they have been caught with ease. Barry (a.k.a. The Weasel) a family friend and a brother to me caught 3 28’s this week! My childhood best friend Eld said he caught more fish in 2 days than the previous year’s fishing combined. The stories just keep continuing as guests keep talking of how impressively built these walleyes are. Many have looked at the fish and the fight on the other line and thought they had a 30 incher only to measure it and fall a bit short. The build on these walleyes is simply amazing and those are not my words. Bob in Cabin 6 boated his personal best this week as well. Many personal bests this year and I’m probably forgetting some of the folks this week who caught personal bests and Donnie grew about a foot I think from 2019. Hope Bob brought enough food.

Pike fishing hasn’t slowed down as many limits headed south last week. We obviously didn't get many photos.

With our resident fly fishing experts Eddie Mac, Bill, Ben, and my brother Dave the smallmouth population decreased a bit. They boated a boat load (pun intended) of smallies and also had tons of fun fly fishing for pike and Walleyes. Eddie Mac I think finally got the walleye itch when he fought a 26-inch Walter on his fly rod! Heck of a fight and catch he said!

We had some nice perch brought in this week from the usual spots.

We had an orphan Merganser brought over by Capri, and her friend Nikki as we have a mated pair close by. Unfortunately their duckling was too attached to the girls as it didn’t want anything to do with the papa Merganser. Maybe once their ducklings hatch it will want to be with it’s own kind.

Monster/Micro fish Monday Results. Frank Rivera caught the smallest fish of the day with an 8-inch Walleye. Jack Biever boated a 29-inch Northern to claim the Pike/Musky prize, and Barry Nieland inched his way towards a star on the 30-inch club board with a 28-inch healthy Walleye! Congratulations to our newest winning anglers! Also had Jayden continue the not so Polar Polar Plunge after the camp cookout. Water isn’t freezing but it’s not warm either.

My wife and two Grandsons arrived on Thursday and I get to spend time with them this week and it’s shaping up to be another great week as we are filled to the brim with great people and hopefully some memorable tails and all of them true I’m sure. Wink wink nod nod! Tight Lines everybody!

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