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  Good afternoon rocky shore lodge week 6 blog in a timely manner for once. Last week we actually had very nice temperatures for the most part and a couple excellent days with low wind.  This spring has been more breezy than normal and definitely more wet than normal which makes the lake level excellent and the fishing's been good.  I know it sounds like a broken record.

Had a few new members to camp this week.  Jessie, Katie, and their 4 year old son Wyatt.  That little guy reminds me of a young Trevor, and Jett.  He loves to fish just like the previously mentioned Trevor, and Jett.  Had a lot of fun watching him run from dock to dock assisting when he wasn’t catching fish. 

The docks have been tremendous again this year and we are very lucky to have the ability to eat dinner and bobber fish off the docks and catch really nice Walleyes and Northern Pike as most of you know and have experienced.

Roy brought up his daughter Nicole, and grandson Nate for his first trip.  Rhonda you were missed and we look forward to seeing you next season! 

John and Moe added two newcomers to RSL as well.  John’s good friend Terry and Terry’s dad Jim from Staceyville, Iowa (my families old stomping grounds).  They caught some nice walleyes and if memory serves me Terry’s first walleyes were caught last week!

Larry and Fay were up and last year as we were finishing the Fry Shack I told people we were going to have a contest to name the new cooking and bbq station.  Larry looked at me and say what about the Fry Shack, and over 60% voted for it.  They wore hats to commemorate the occasion.

Walleyes were located in 12-16 feet of water, and deeper on the sunny days we experienced last week.  Water temps are climbing slowly and are all over the place depending on what part of the lake you are on.  Mostly 60’s but a few places saw 70. 

Week 6 MFT results:

April from C6 with a 8 7/8-Inch walleye.

Bruce Gorman C1 caught a beautiful 28-Inch Walleye and gave his trophy hat to our youngest angler in camp 4-year old Wyatt from P2.  Very nice Bruce!

Rounding out the competition Larry from C3 caught and released a 28-Inch Pike.

Nice job everyone and we had an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday.  That's two days in a row of beautiful weather.  I wonder if Summer has arrived up here.   


We had some very nice perch brought in this week as well.

Dane from P2 started off his week with a 47-Inch Musky Saturday morning!  Not the 51-Inch Musky from last year but never the less a quality Musky!  Brian and Dane targeted Pike and Musky and Brian commented they had seen more big fish this year than the previous 17 years combined.  They did mention hookups on those big fish were down.  When you see the big fish we all know that’s half the battle.  There is always next year guys!

It's a short blog this week and we’re rolling into Week 7 quickly!  The season is 33% over already.  That’s crazy to say the least.  One last thing; our resident moose was caught on our trailcam we put on the driveway. Here's a couple photos. Keep the photos coming.  Tight Lines everyone.


Take care and Tight Lines everyone!

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