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Week 7 wrap-up

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Good morning RSL family, friends, and guests. Week 7 flew by and not as many pictures were sent. Hopefully more will come. If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page and I can grab them from there.

The summer walleye pattern is here. Cabin 6 Reif, Art, Peewee, and Crobag were seen on hump 3 every morning. They were using crawlers, and leaches. One afternoon Steve asked Reif how they did on the hump and he said “quite frankly we hammered them”. In other words the humps have heated up.

It seems Perrault Lake the walleyes are being caught on leaches and nightcrawlers more than minnows, and Cedar is having more of a minnow bite right now. Of course that will change as we all know.

Perseverance pays off and Thursday afternoon Doug and Sheryl from Cabin 3 came in with a 30 inch walleye (they were having trouble reviving it). Sheryl dropped a bottom bouncer and a crawler harness by the lunch box off Hatfield in 14 feet of water and felt a snag. The snag turned into a monster 30 inch walleye! Congrats Sheryl! We didn’t get a picture of her and her fish only Doug did and Doug didn’t want to take credit (although he said he piloted the boat) and the great news is after about 30 minutes here at the dock Steve and Doug were able to revive the walleye and she tore off down the ledge! Doug and Sheryl did well fishing with bottom bouncers all week and Hatfield was rewarding quite a few guests.

Perch Queen (I named her) Jessica and her cabin took home 80 beautiful Perch to eat. Jessica told me daily all she caught were perch. Meanwhile Mike (husband), and Jessica’s father David were catching all species of fish. David was putting them on the Pike and Perch. By the end of the week Jessica came up to us and said I caught 4 Walleyes, some bass, and of course a ton of perch today! Good luck to Jessica and Mike who are expecting a Christmas arrival of their first baby.

Two gents from Cabin 1 showed up to fish Musky, and they boated a pretty good number. No 50’s this time, but Tom and James stated they had a lot of swipes which I’m assuming is musky lingo for strikes. Haha. They also fished for walleye, and did well the days they went out for them.

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Reif with a 25 inch walleye and Mark (Peewee) with a 35 inch Northern Pike. Hats were presented but no pictures. Congrats Cabin 6!

Tuesday morning Patrick from Penthouse 1 came down to report a visitor in the early hours of the morning. Seems a red squirrel decided P1 was a restaurant and helped himself in when he tore the screen and jumped up on the refrigerator. The squirrel ate some hamburger buns and bread. Of course, Harvey and I fixed the screen right away and got it back in place only to have our pesky neighbor rip through the screen a second time the next night. Patrick closed the window, and Harvey and I repaired the screen again. Problem solved right? Not so much. Patrick’s wife Kelly came down Wednesday afternoon to report Dillon (son) went up to take a shower after swimming, and felt it was warm in the cabin. As you can guess, he opened the window and bye bye new screen and hello squirrel while he was showering. Needless to say I am attempting to persuade our camp guest to leave RSL. Seems nature is paying us a little extra attention this week. Thunderstorm on Wednesday morning and a skunk went under Cabin 4. We haven’t seen any sign of it since then, but we have a trap set just in case. Thanks Doug for the guidance on trapping the skunk. I hope we don’t see it again but we are ready just in case.

Steve and I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe July 1st, and 4th! From all of us up here in God’s country (Darlene, Harvey, Bill, Steve, and I) keep the lines tight, the stories ever increasing, and the tales of the one that got away (always a trophy) coming! Onto Week 8!!

Navy term of the week: forecastle. It’s pronounced folk-soul. Front end of the ship.

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