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Week 7 wrap-up

Good afternoon RSL family and friends! Last week was a wash, rinse, and repeat kind of week up here in God’s country. Although we didn’t land any 30 inch walleyes, or 40 inch Pike there were numerous upper 20 Walleyes and some very respectful Pike. 2 Muskies were boated as well. We had some new guests to RSL this week again as well as some longtime guests and everyone did well. In fact camp was full of Wisconsin folks minus Steve (brother). We had a lot of fun! Steve and I by the looks of things need to sharpen our corn hole/bags skills due to Angela Hupf destroying everyone in her group. She is a ringer folks and many in her group were talking about making her use her left hand. HaHa.

We had some warm sunny weather and the fish didn’t care. Walleyes were found in spring and summer spots. I just wonder when the humps and sunken islands will dominate the fishing. It hasn’t happened yet as there are fish still everywhere. Pike fishing should pick up with the weeds growing nearly 2 feet last week according to our Musky fishermen. The bite is turning to leeches on this side of the lake, and minnows on the East Bay side. Crawlers can be used all over the lake.

Had a father and son catch their first muskies or at least Frankie IV. Frankie Jr. had one also but from what I was told the net man failed in his task to secure the catch. We had lots of follows and short strikes according to our 2 musky hunters. James shook off a few muskies he didn’t want to boat so they didn’t land any but saw a lot of fish and considered it a great trip.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but the docks are still producing quality fish. Many mid to upper 20’s fish were caught. We did have some mosquitoes visit so bugspray was used last week. They weren’t bad until later in the evening though usually after 9pm.

Monster Fish Monday results: Congratulations to Dan Barfield our first 2019 double hat winner. He landed a very nice 29.25-inch Pike, and a fat 28.25-inch Walleye. Terry Hupf fought hard with her line dragging out but was able to score a 3-inch perch for the Micro prize. Thank goodness for the experienced net man. LOL.

There were guests swimming this week so I’m taking down the polar plunge for the season.

This week was a lot of fun with all the new guests and we look forward to seeing them again next year. We had the Godfather (Reif) of RSL here as well with his cast of characters and very much enjoyed their company as well. I could name everyone that showed up this week but lets just say camp was buzzing all week in a good way.

Until next weeks blog a few informational notes below:

Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts and we can grab them from there. Thanks.

We are going to have a video display this year in our booth and we want to keep the pictures updated. Plus I like to print them out and put them in the fish cleaning house.

Since we celebrated both Canada and United States Independence last week I am bringing back some Navy terminology for this week.

1st: ID10T: A mythical substance that new Sailors are sent in search of as a joke. Pronounced as "I dee ten tee", "one delta ten tango" or "idiot".

2nd: 2-6-10: Abbreviation of "It's gonna take 2 surgeons 6 hours to remove 10 inches of my boot from your backside." Used to motivate someone who is not pulling their weight.

Last: 90 Day Wonder, 90 Day Miracle: OCS graduate (as opposed to a graduate of four-year Naval Academy or ROTC training).

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