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week 7 wrap-up!

Good Morning RSL Family!

I’m a tad behind this week, and it was worth it. I had my wife Julie, and grandsons Rowan and Dawson up here and we actually got out and did some fishing and those boys were fishing all the time off the dock. Rowan caught numerous small mouth bass and kept me busy. Dawson caught some fish too, but he was much more concerned catching crayfish off the beach house dock. Needless to say I really enjoyed having them up here. My dad stayed a second week with us as we had a second family crew come in to join us.

We had amazing weather all week. You couldn’t have asked for better days. Warm but not too warm. A bit of a breeze, but not windy. Sunny, but times with cloud cover. A bit of rain at night! Mostly in the 60’s and 70’s. Couldn’t have dialed up a better week. I’d like to order up about 10 more weeks of that!

Shout out to Doug and Sheryl for the Rocky Shore Lodge bag boards. They left them here for everyone to enjoy!

With a full camp and P2 busting at the seams this week camp was busy, and actually pretty relaxed for the amount of people catching and cleaning fish. We had a lot of success again this week and fish of every species was caught.

The walleye have moved out into their summer locations and were being taken off the humps, Twins, Sand Dunes, just to name a few spots. It was another week of beautiful sizes and many in the mid to upper 20’s. Fish frys were numerous and the aroma in camp never gets old.

Northern Pike were caught on humps, and Grassy Bay, and wherever grass was with ease. Harvey assisted many with getting the Y-Bone out.

We had Tom and James up to musky hunt, and they boated a couple musky with tons of follows. A very busy week for those two, and I’m sure they would have loved to boat more, but to see those come to big fish come up to the boat is also rewarding according to them! I didn’t receive their photos yet, but if they come in I will add them to the blog.

Penthouse 2 spent some time targeting Perch and man did they have success! Harvey and the guys setup a system and they blew through perch for 4 or 5 days, and they had them cleaned and bagged in the freezer in quick fashion each day. It was a lot of work, but I have a feeling the fish frys back in Wisconsin will be awesome! Nice job gang!

Rocky Shore Lodge Lady Anglers ruled the day! I'm sure the guys will claim their guide fees! Monster/Micro fish Monday Results. In the Micro Fish Category Sarah Gorsch reeled in a fine 8-inch Smallmouth Bass! My sister Julie Hammond boated a very respectable 29 5/8th-inch Northern Pike barely beating out Karla Hupf's 29 inch Pike! Last but certainly not least is repeat winner Sarah Gorsch with a 27-inch Walleye!

Great job ladies! Congratulations!

Reif took care of us with muffins, cookies, and fresh bread while he wasn’t out pulling walleyes into his boat, and of course Callie was treated with milk bones everytime he came back. Thanks Reif my stomach appreciates it!

As we move into full summer mode and projects on the horizon it’s hard to believe we are approaching the halfway point in the season already. Just want our future anglers to know we have ordered floating docks but we do not have a timeline yet as to when they will arrive so we will be forced to pull out private boats if we get too many. We apologize for the inconvenience. We just don’t have the dock space since we lost the dock before the opener and the high water has made things difficult. Fortunately, the water level has come down to where I’d like it to stay permanently, but we know that won’t happen.


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