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  Good afternoon rocky shore lodge week 7 blog.   Time flies and I find myself staring at Wednesday already.  Camp was full and we had some ridiculously great walleye weather.  In other words, if you came to sun bathe this was not the week for you.  We had a couple days where the sun poked through but mainly clouds, drizzle, some rain, and cool temps.  Definitely a different year compared to this time last year.  This week has been the opposite but that’s for next weeks update.

P2, C-2, C-5, C-4 (family, and friends) were out hammering the walleyes every morning on the humps, and also catching them in the evening as the bite was quite solid.  Every cabin that wanted walleye caught walleye, and of course I personally love that considering most people come to RSL to target Walleye.  Seems the magic number was 19 feet plus or minus a little bit.  Tons of fish being caught this week as the fish have finished their transition. Trevor and Sarah had a 126 Walleye morning Sunday! We still haven’t got to the 30-Incher yet but several 29’s were boated and released again this week.  The trophy walleye season is quickly approaching as we boat most of the monsters in late July into August so it will be interesting as we head into the later part of the season.  Who is going to be the first one this year?  Standby is all I can say.

Another week without the Original Rich Award being handed out, and I’m sure it’s been pure luck.  However, we did have an improperly stowed folding chair take flight while Dan was headed up the 502.  Where it landed no one knows but it wasn’t found so if you are in the market for a new (slightly worn and torn) chair you can drive up the 502 and keep your eyes peeled.  Dan said it’s free to whoever might come by it. 

Tom and James from C-1 were up chasing muskies and boated a couple.  Tom saw what he considered to be the biggest Musky he’s seen chase his bait up to the boat only to miss the lure when it struck.  It always amazes me how a musky can violently attack a lure with 9 hooks and miss them all! 

Perch were being caught with some regularity and the orchestrated cleaning station was on full display. These guys with Harvey can carve up some fish in quick fashion!

Week 7 MFT results:

Trevor hailing out of Penthouse 1 boated (and released) a 5 7/8-Inch Small mouth bass.

Trevor also captured the Northern Pike prize with a 23-Inch fish. It sounds like a few other larger fish were caught but our guests didn't think they would win so never took a photo and put them back in the lake. Please take a picture of all your fish on tourney day folks.

Duane in Cabin 6 boated a very healthy 27 3/4-Inch Walleye for the Walleye prize!

Congratulations to our winners!

The season is truly flying by and I meant to get the blog written and posted earlier, but we got into some projects and I didn’t want to stop to come and write this.  We all hope you had a great July 4th and were able to spend some time relaxing and celebrating our Independence!  Freedom isn’t free!

C-6 Dan, Mark, or Diesel you left your chair up here.  Let me know if you want me to bring it back to Wisconsin or keep it up here until next year.

Take care and Tight Lines everyone!

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