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week 8 wrap-up

Good morning RSL family, friends, and guests. Where did week 8 go?

The walleyes are being caught off the humps, the reef right off RSL, and Camp Island was very strong this week. Bill also fished a place he calls the Sand dune or something to that effect. Wouldn’t you know it minnows are starting to catch fish again. We had several groups go out with Bill this week, and the fish were caught on all 3 baits, crawlers, leaches, and minnows. We had a second time guest, and a buddy of his go out with Bill. I posted the picture earlier this week on Facebook. Later that evening I asked Joe and Tom about their day with Bill. Joe told me he’s going to throw all his gear away since all you need to catch walleye, pike, bass, and perch is a gray jig head. Pretty funny, and true. Another first-time guest Bob, and Yvonne, took Bill out and did very well. They beat the storm and enjoyed shore lunch dry. I can’t recommend Bill enough. Our group has been taking a guide for 14 straight years just to get on the fish right away and learn the pattern for the week. Consider booking Bill early in the week so your catching is more successful quicker during your vacation.

Dave and Adam were up again to fish musky. If you didn’t see Dave's 48.5 inch musky on Facebook you can see it below on the blog. It was a gorgeous fish. They both boated several nice musky but Dave was the largest at 48.5.

Trophy High Tuesday winner was Dave with both awards as well as the 48.5 in musky. 26.5 inch walleye and a 25.5 inch Northern Pike. Hats were presented but no pictures. Congrats Dave that was quite a day you had on Tuesday!

Our Red Squirrel dilemma seems to have faded. Not that it’s been caught yet, but it gave up trying to get into the Penthouse. As for the skunk, it departed the night it went under Cabin 4 so we never trapped it, and filled the hole back in. The smell is gone and so is our striped not so friendly friend.

On a funny note, we had a couple minor boat mishaps this week on the same day so I was on edge a little hoping my bad streak would end. Well wouldn’t you know Harvey yells at me to check out the boat between us and Manotak Lodge, and when I look Tom and Joe are paddling their boat in. I am sure I did not swear to myself, or maybe I did under my breath, but when I went down to grab a can of gas and jump in a boat they started laughing, and put the boat in forward. They got me, and we all had a good laugh. Paybacks gentlemen that’s all I can say.

We are onto Week 9 and the blueberries are ready for picking folks. Ask Steve or I about how you can go about grabbing some.

If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page

Navy term of the week: scuttlebutt: Drinking fountain, or if you are from Wisconsin a bubbler.

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