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week 8 wrap-up

Good morning RSL family and friends! The summer transition started with the walleye movement. Pretty cool seeing the gps pictures people were taking showing the fish moving. The humps and reefs were fished pretty hard, and burnt island was really working well. Some new guests had a bit of a time finding walleyes but when they did, they caught all 25 and over so nice job Terry, Scott, and Don. We were greeted with one heckuva storm Monday during the bbq, and since we had the door open, we received tremendous front-line winds and it knocked over one of our wall paintings. Fortunately, there was no damage, but we received much needed rain in the amount of an inch in 20 minutes. Overall, we’ve gotten around 3 inches in the past week and mostly during non-fishing hours so that was a plus.

Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts. Thanks.

Walleyes can still be found in spring spots but we’re concentrating on the summer spots now, and leeches and crawlers are working very well. The reef between North and South sister island should be fished, Hopeless is good, sunken island, hump behind Hatfield, Humps 1, 2, and 3, and more. Minnows have slowed but the guides are catching walleyes with minnows, so we are keeping them on hand as well. If you are worried about whether we have leeches don’t worry. We stocked up and have lots, and we built a leech tank out of a freezer with a circulation pump and UV sterilizer light. I’m hoping it will keep them lively.

The smallmouth have been caught all over the lake. Leeches, Meps spinners, and crankbaits have been effective.

I’m not going to talk about the docks, but fish are still being caught in numbers keeping anglers down there til after I head to bed. LOL.

Monster Fish Monday results: Congratulations to Ken Kuntz for landing a perfect 26-inch Northern Pike. I am sure that will taste good in the frying pan. We had our first husband and wife winners. Brian and Susan Templeton who are newly married had a pretty good day. Brian caught a 29.25-inch Walleye that had he measured it right I'm about 99% positive would have been 30 inches, and Susan caught a 3.5-inch perch for the Micro Prize! Congratulations to all three of our winners.

It sounds like the 502 is getting repaved fairly quickly. Some guests waited for a while, and some got through quickly. I’d still recommend coming up 71 through Nestor Falls, and Sioux Narrows.

That's all for this week. Short and sweet! Until next week folks it's time for Week 9!

We are going to have a video display this year in our booth and we want to keep the pictures updated. Plus, I like to print them out and put them in the fish cleaning house.

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