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week 8 wrap-up!

Good afternoon RSL Family!

Another week has come and gone with a quickness! I was able to say hello to a longtime Navy/USMEPCOM buddy Chuck, and some of his family. I also had to say goodbye to the grandkids, and my wife as they departed back to the states for wrestling camp and other activities! Time really flies up here as I’m writing this on a very warm Saturday afternoon.

With some new guests and some longtime guests camp was fun and fishing was good as well. We all know when it comes to walleye fishing sometimes its not about catching it’s about the feel of the bite, and then setting that hook. What better place to learn than up in God’s country where the lessons aren’t too hard to figure it out!

Hat’s off to Amy as her husband Jake and her set sail on that first Saturday morning and being it was their first trip decided to do some trolling since they were unfamiliar with the lake. Jake had his lure in faster and according to Amy there is some sort of bet they have with the first fish or something of that nature. Well she finally casted for the first time on this lake in the weed bed between us and Manotak Lodge, and wham-o a nice eater pike hits her pole. Shortly after that an explosion erupted near said pike as a 42-inch toothy critter decided it was hungry! Jake was able to net both fish and Amy’s first cast of the week netted her a 22-inch Pike and a 42-inch Pike! Not a bad way to start your week. Congratulations on a great catch and release Amy!

The walleye fishing was good and most of them were being caught in the 15 to 18 foot range on humps, points, and steep drop offs. The summer bite is definitely here and slip bobber fishing can be dynamite during the dog days of summer. The leech bite has also turned on as the water temps continue to come up. Seems minnows are good in the morning and leeches, and crawlers work better in the afternoon, and evening.

Had a nice musky caught by Ken between his walleye in the morning, and Smallmouth, and Pike fishing in the afternoon. I saw the picture and hope Ken will send it to me to share.

We had a crew in Cabin 6 up here targeting Smallmouth Bass, and incidentally seemed to catch lots of walleyes. Mark brought up his friend Tate and sons Crosby, and Staley. They caught a lot of fish and Harvey and I enjoyed Mark’s shout out when he left the dock that first time to go fishing! I’m sure he was glad to be back and is coming up in a few weeks with his better half!

Monster/Micro Fish Monday results. Ken caught a solid 7-inch Smallmouth bass and also a 23-inch Walleye for the Walleye prize. Mark caught a 26-inch Northern Pike to claim the top pike/musky prize! Congratulations to all of our winners!

We didn’t get many photos this week. Hope the guys and gals remember when they get home to email them to me at

All for this week! Tight lines everyone!

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