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Week 9 wrap-up

Good morning RSL family, friends, and guests. Week 9 was here and gone in a blink!

Rocky Shore boats were catching tons of walleyes this week. Brand new crew from Kansas City took Bill out Saturday and boated over 40 fish in the morning. Needless to say they had a wonderful shore lunch. The group then headed to Hatfield and caught a ton of walleyes catching them even before the jig hit the bottom. They were all new to walleye fishing! Same group had an amazing time on the flag dock, and beach house dock every night they fished it. You probably saw some of the pictures of the youngsters. Hump fishing and dragging crawler harnesses on the back of Hatfield worked excellent. Manotak reef was rewarding the anglers who didn’t care to leave the picturesque RSL shoreline as well. Needless to say the slip bobber fishing, and jigging were king and every guest seemed to catch them every day. It was a fun week for our local butcher Harvey. He kept busy. Fortunately, Darlene is here this year to help him out.

We had two nice gentlemen Alan, and Dennis up to chase the elusive musky. Alan brought in the biggest at 43.5 inches. There were a couple days where the wind hampered their production of landing fish, but they did land some quality muskies. They were able to get the muskies to follow but the commitment part was a little tougher they noted.

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Kathy with a 26-inch Walleye, and our little man Jett Remington (youngest THT winner at 5 years of age) with a beautiful 26-inch Northern! Great job you two. Jett is taking after his father Brian and really doesn’t want to stop fishing.

Margaret (the alleged ghost in camp) struck again this week. Harvey and Brian tied up a boat to the flag dock. There was a breeze, so the boat should have been pushed against the dock, but somehow both lines were taken off (both have snap hooks) and the boat decided to go against the wind and float a couple hundred feet before Steve (Cabin 4) went and chased it down for us! Margaret was King Johnson’s wife before RSL became RSL, and she passed away back in the 70s so anytime something strange happens we just assume it was her. Mike and Chris were the ones who told Steve and I about blaming Margaret, so we figured we might as well continue with this paranormal tradition.

Steve and I threw bobbers out off the beach house dock on Wednesday evening, and Steve caught a nice 26 inch eye with his ultralight. That was a fun fight so if you were wondering if we get a chance to fish the answer is not really but we sneak in some bobber fishing in the evenings at times off the dock. I caught an eater, and a bass but not picture worthy.

Week 10 is upon us and last night a crew went out with 5 dozen leaches. Came back with no bait and big smiles. Jackie and her daughter Sara were the big winners from what we were told. They out fished the men which seems to be a common occurrence up here this year. Walleye cakes were on the menu for breakfast. I know a couple guys that might stop by and say hello this morning…😊 That was part of week 10 but I figured I’d throw it on here since I was too busy to get this blog out to everyone in a timely manner.

If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page

Navy term of the week: Cadillac: This is the term used to describe a mop bucket with wheels and a ringer. When sailors are assigned to cleaning duties, they prefer the luxurious Cadillac over the bucket.

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