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Week 9 wrap-up!

It was another fantastic week in God’s country! Humps humps and more humps were the ticket this week. Summer is here and the weather has been wonderful. Warm but mostly not hot which is what Harvey and I prefer. We had lots of fish in the upper 20’s caught and one new member to the 30-inch club but more on that later. Here is a friendly reminder when you bring your raingear it’s a good reminder to have it in the boat. We had a few guests last week who forgot their gear and lets just say they got a little wet. Raingear is good too when the wind kicks up as you can ask our newest 30-inch club member Scott Newman and his dad Ron. I would say they needed to change their clothes but that would be an understatement! Todd Blackburn had an unwanted guest on his boat this week, and maybe the little garter snake was good luck. He boated 3 29-inch walleyes that day, and stated it was his best day walleye fishing on Perrault Lake ever.

Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts. Thanks.

Walleyes were being caught on leeches, and nightcrawlers exclusively. Our guide has taken minnows out both times this past week and ended up using leeches to get their shore lunches. For the first time in 2 seasons I’m contemplating not even offering minnows for the next few weeks as the bite seems to be off, and I’m just watching unused minnows get fed to the seagulls every morning. Haha. Lots of great walleyes caught but none better than Scott Newman’s 30.5-inch beauty! He caught it near North Sister using a chartreuse jig, and leech of course! The Mikijanis gang was up here hanging on Hump 1, and sunken island almost everyday and they caught lots of walleyes again. Our young angler Jett, and his sister Isabelle were competing, and I think Jett stole the show with a 26-inch Walleye to capture the family trophy for the biggest walleye of the week. There were 2 fish that were very big lost by Brian Mikijanis and according to JR one of them was a monster walleye. Maybe next year Brian or later this summer.

Smallmouth have been caught regularly. Same baits are working as last week, Leeches, Meps spinners, and crankbaits.

JR mentioned sub-island if you are looking for Pike as the weed beds are still growing and not holding as many Pike as normal this time of year, but they are being caught in the 22-32-inch range. The monsters have probably moved into the deep areas by the humps and reefs.

We had some nice fishing off the docks this week, but not as heavily fished as previous weeks so 23-inches was the biggest I believe, and oh yeah, I did a quick release on a fish I was measuring much to the displeasure of Celeste Mikijanis. It was 21-inches and no picture. Sorry Celeste.

Monster Fish Monday results: Congratulations to Micro winner Kent Sparland (newcomer to RSL) with his 6.5-inch Smallmouth Bass. Todd Blackburn hauled in a 24-inch Northern Pike, and Scott Newman boated a monster 28.5-inch Walleye!

We’re still recommending coming up 71 through Nestor Falls, and Sioux Narrows.

Week 10 should be excellent with my girl Julie (yes I outkicked my coverage), 2 of her young adults Maxwell, and Katie (first timer), and 2 of my sister’s, (Julie, Jill (first timer)) and Jill’s son Connor (first timer), and Steve’s lovely bride Karen arriving on Friday.

The saying sleep when your dead comes to mind.

Until next week friends and family keep the lines tight, and the live wells full.

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