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week 9 wrap-up

Good afternoon RSL Family!

Week 9 was here and now gone! Hard to believe but alas we are almost halfway through with the 2022 season.

Before I start the next sentence let me preface it with, we are acclimated to Northern conditions. It was hot up here Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Not Kansas City hot, but hot nonetheless. We reached almost 90 with humidex readings of 99 but, the fish didn’t care! Actually Bill (our guide) was surprised so many fish were being caught shallow and I mean 8 to 10 feet shallow. You’d think the temps would have pushed the fish down into their solid summer hump patterns. The fish are on the humps, and yes the grandkids and I were catching them in 15 feet of water but this week was tremendous and shallow was the key to getting tons of fish. I’m sure it will change soon.

Another good friend and his family came up and spent the week with us. Brian, Celeste and their family including Celeste’s folks. Very good meeting them and they went out on the water first time and started catching walleyes! All I can say is how gratifying it is to get on a new body of water and go out and just start pulling in walleyes! As a matter of fact longtime guests Phil and Randy were sharing a boat this week and Sunday morning when they pulled in Phil commented he didn’t have time to light a smoke without being bothered with another fish on his pole. He finally gave up fishing and took a break so he could literally take a break! It's been that kind of season so far and we’re hoping to continue it with a strong week 10.

Walleye fishing remained hot and the 8 to 10 foot range might be odd but ya find the hungry ones and give them what they want. Lots of mid 20’s fish this week and a boat load of early 20’s were caught, photo, and released. Leeches and crawlers are outpacing minnows as happens often in the dead of summer. Crankbaits were hot as well. Don and Greg had tremendous success on walleyes and Smallmouth Bass! Northern’s weren’t finicky either. Jett took the family prize again for his family with the largest walleye. Pretty good for a 9 year old. Isabelle was not far behind her younger brother. Reese went out and simply caught a 23-inch Walleye and said good enough! We all know RSL isn’t only about fishing! Slip bobber fishing is in full swing also and how fun is it to put a bobber on and watch it slowing sink under the water!

Monster/Micro Fish Monday results are as follows. Todd Blackburn won the micro prize with a 5.5-inch Smallmouth Bass. Newcomer and father to Celeste Mikijanis (Scott Hiatt) boated an impressive 26-inch Walleye narrowly defeating 2 other guests that caught 25.5-inch Walleyes! Celeste Mikijanis didn't want to be outdone by her father as she caught, photo and released a 27-inch Pike! Great job everyone!

We received more photos and thanks to everyone for that!

All for this week! Tight lines everyone!

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