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Week One 2023

Good afternoon RSL Family! We’ve kicked off the 2023 season, and it feels great seeing all of our Week 1 guests! Weather was quite cooperative and our anglers were able to fish all day. Opening day was beautiful and cool, but not cold. Highway 502 was in good condition with no construction. Highway 71 did have areas of construction where traffic went down to 1 lane and caused some delays as the crews are working on it. Highway 105 is in good condition. I’m sure our early anglers remember the adventure we all had to endure during the beginning of last season. I’m still trying to forget the flooding.

We did have a polar plunge contestant, but not until Monday. Water temperature was cold as the ice went off the lake 10 days prior to Nick jumping into the lake! The streak continues!

Lake levels are a touch lower than normal, and we could use some precipitation. Steve and I noticed the lake level come up 4 inches since we first got here as the snow was melting out of the bush. Lake has stabilized and now we need a bit of rain.

MNR was on the lake Saturday checking licenses, and bait receipts as well as fish counts. Bill (guide) mentioned a couple of guys not on Perrault Lake had a limit extra each and were fined 1,000 apiece and suspended from entering Canada for a year. Another angler on a lake near Dryden was found with 36 too many Walleyes and was fined 10,000 and a 2 year suspension. We had no issues here but I did neglect to hand our private boat owners their bait receipt and was reminded of the requirement. The MNR is ensuring the bait you use is from this region as they have divided the province up. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this new requirement.

Shore lunches were had with great frequency, and we were able to snag a piece of fish about 5 or 6 times this week. Thanks to everyone for generously providing Steve, Harvey, and I a bit of sustenance. Its hard to beat fresh walleye!

We have a new nickname for one of our longtime guests. The Original Rich had a heck of a Saturday opener. His son and him came in after fishing all day and Rich informed us he accidentally launched a pole into the lake and never found it. He also leaned back to take a picture of Chris and his nice Pike and leaned too far back slipped and the phone which belonged to Chris went sailing in the air and eventually sank to the bottom of the lake! All in all if my memory serves me he broke 2 poles, and three reels this week. Rich did mention it’s the best fishing they’ve ever had. Bear in Mind these guys have been hardcore Northern Pike anglers for 18 years, until this year. They asked for suckers which we just sold the last few and took a dozen minnows out instead. Needless to say they started catching walleyes and very much enjoyed it and now understand the reason so many of us love chasing the Walleye! Harvey named Chris “King Walleye” and it appears he has reluctantly accepted the new title! HAHAHA!

Walleyes are in the typical early spring locations. 8 to 11 feet of water seemed to be the depth. Water is in the 40’s. No 30 inchers caught this week, but a ton of high quality mid to upper 20 fish were caught. Simple presentation of a jig and minnow worked well and is always a solid go to presentation as those who know Bill (guide) know his tackle back is a bag of plane unpainted jigs he keeps in his top pocket.

We saw quite a few nice Northern Pike brought in, and Dean caught a beautiful 42-inch Northern off the Beach house Dock. Quite a few in the 30’s but lots of eaters brought in. We also had a few Muskies caught with 42-inches caught photo and released being the largest one. Since the season hasn’t opened no one was fishing for them, but its always exciting the land the fish of 10,000 casts no matter what time of the year it is.

We moved the BBQ to Sunday at 6pm. With that we also moved the Monster/Micro Fish tournament. With that being said...Results are in. Jim from P2 came in 1st place with a 9.25-inch Small mouth Bass to grab his Micro fish prize. Chris from C-1 landed a fat 34-inch Northern Pike, and former owner Mike in C-2 beat out several 25-inch walleyes with an beautiful 26-inch Beauty! Fishing has been very similar to last year! Lots of smiles, and tons of fish! I'll post the other pics when they come in.A handful of nice crappies were brought in so if you’re interested in targeting them just check with us and we will let you know where the guys were boating them. Quite tasty I assure you.

Bass were easy to catch and eat as long as they were less than 13.75 inches.

With that being said its time to get back out and help guests make memories!Drop us a line if you have any questions, or concerns reference the border of traveling up to God’s Country.From all of us here at Rocky Shore Lodge, have a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

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