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Week One Wrap-up

We kicked off 2022 with a bang! Every cabin enjoyed shore lunch their first day up here. The area is flooded everywhere in Northwest Ontario. Your drive will be extended a little bit because of a detour or two. The good news is the water is starting to recede a bit. The lake that was over the road between Dryden and Vermillion Bay is gone. That will be no issue for anyone now. Buller Creek was 3 feet over the road which is causing the detour through Quibell. When you see the sign that says road closed that is for commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles. Your boat doesn’t count so drive on through. The heavy truck traffic has rutted out the road and you might wait in line while dump trucks are dumping tons of gravel to repair it. We were told by guests yesterday leaving the road was in better shape than when they came up last week so that is positive. Also, Buller Creek has dropped quite a bit and with any luck from Mother Nature that road will be opening soon. We will keep you posted.

Weather was cooperative as we received less than an inch this week which helped to start the lake draining. Of course the forecast was for lots of rain, and it was beautiful with one day of weather. The weather guessers were not real accurate this week. We are calling for some rain again next week, so I guess they have another chance to get it right. Hope not, but we shall see.

The Walleye opener was fantastic! An abundance of walleyes were caught in the usual spots, Ord River/Bay, East Bay/Meathole, Spadina/Rainy, Beach House dock of course, and as Chuck and Tim put it, every point they fished on. Minnows, and artificial bait were used mostly.

Northern Pike were caught with ease and size was great. Lots of eaters in the 24 to 27 inch range were eaten, and taken home.

The 5th Annual Walleye Opener Polar Plunge took place as our plunger Nicholas Beanish took the plunge again this year. He’s hoping to get someone else next year to join him. We had zero takers this year, me included.

Monster/Micro Fish Monday got off to a tremendous start. Lots of mid 20 Walleyes were caught and some beautiful Northern Pikes. All day Dan D was running strong with a 27" Northern and a 26" Walleye, right up til Chuck and Tim rolled in with a 27" Walleye, and an 11" Walleye to capture the Walleye, and Micro prize. Just when Dan was sizing up his melon and preparing to accept his Pike hat, Len landed a healthy, fat 38" Pike off the beach house dock around 5pm. Perch no longer count in the Micro Fish division.

I’m sure most of you have read our posts on Facebook about bringing boots as the boat ramps are all floating and you will get your feet wet more than likely if you don’t have them on. We’re maintaining that recommendation as the water is still in the low 40s. We have Log and tree armadas floating around the lake so please be aware as you drive around the lake. No sense in hurting your boat, or ours. Remembering to not sit on the casting deck seat (by law) will keep you in the boat more than likely if you happen to find a submerged log out there. The two rocks off Manotak Island are under water, and Little Whale Rock is also under water. We have placed hazard markers on both.

One funny or not so funny at the time story for week one with a picture. Callie has been doing her best to fend off those pesky Geese in order to preserve a fecal free lawn. Well if I had to describe the shape of the lawn under the growing grass, I guess you might say chocolate pudding spongy. Well Callie was all over the yard one day and Harvey and I started calling her Mud Dog. The picture of the bathtub is a good representation of how she looked.

As we continue clean up from the long, wet winter up here it sure feels great to be back and continuing the Fastest Week of Year! Until next time, Tight Lines!

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