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               2024 kicked off last Saturday and the fishing was quite solid.  Water temps were in the low 40’s and have slowly moved up this week.  I was on the water Sunday and temps were anywhere from 43 to 50 degrees.  Seasonal temps have been cool so we’re expecting a slow warm up.  One day of rain kept the video room busy with guys taking advantage of movies.  

One day the wind was unfriendly but our anglers got out and braved it.  Fortunately, the wind wasn’t coming from the Southeast.  Please remember to respect mother nature folks.  Another lodge had some anglers blown onto rocks by 6 foot waves that day and it took hours in order to rescue them from the shore.  OPP was called upon to use their rescue boat from Ear Falls to rescue the two anglers.  No major injuries occurred but they were probably close to hypothermia.  The boat sounds to be severely damaged.  Again please be careful and mindful of the power of mother nature.

Nick Beanish did partake in the Annual Polar Plunge on Monday (Victoria Day). Thanks Nick for keeping the tradition alive!

Water levels are high and getting into Spadina should be fairly simple.  As always take caution if you want to head in there.  It’s been wet so far this month so make sure you prepare for all weather conditions.  Those of you that took advantage of the U-shaped dock last year remember stepping down onto a step we built because of the large drop.  This year you will be stepping up onto the U-shaped dock just to give a visual indication of where we are at waterwise. 


We had a winner for the Original Rich award as long time guest Jerry non voluntarily took a polar plunge.  The funny thing about the story since no one was injured other than pride was earlier in the day I was talking to Jerry and he told me the new bump boards we made and brought up should be marketed as he thought I did a great job on them.  I stole the idea from one of our guests and made bump boards for everyone’s boat.  He stepped back placed his foot on the bump board and slipped into the lake.  Fortunately, he got pulled into the boat quickly by Gary.  BTW Rich you were missed this year and Chris as well!

Walleyes are in the typical early spring locations.  8 to 11 feet of water seemed to be the depth.  Dan from P1 happened to catch a 27, 28, and 29-Inch walleye on consecutive casts, and then boated a 26 to round out what most would consider to be a fantastic 30 minutes of fishing.  I tried to purchase the horseshoe he was using but was unsuccessful in my attempt.  Guess everyone will have to earn it this year! 

Some nice Pike and a few muskies were caught this week but no one really targeted them with frequency so not a lot to report.  Obviously muskies are out of season but the accidental catch does happen.

Crappie sightings again this spring but not stringers full.  A nice 15-incher was caught.  Amazing how they just disappear in the summer months.     

I’m going to attempt to make these a little more brief this year but hopefully still informative and maybe a little entertaining also.  I didn’t get many pictures this week.  Remember you can always email them to us at

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Good afternoon RSL Family! Week 16 Wrap-Up!

Sunny and cool with a northerly breeze as I write this. Public service announcement: if you need a new passport for next year a guest informed me it can take up to six months so consider re applying earlier than normal. Photos were a little sparse this week. If I get some more sent to me I will adjust the blog accordingly.

The Original Rich Award was not handed out this week. Gene from Cabin 6 accidentally launched a musky rod fishing in Times Square by accident but not enough other issues took place to truly qualify for such a prestigious award as the Original Rich!

The walleyes were tighter lipped again this week as our anglers headed out fishing. We still had plenty of fish fries and take-home walleyes. Hopeless, Bills Point, humps off of Burnt Island and Little Duck, and a couple spots on Cedar were the best spots to catch walleyes. We had quality fish caught up to 28.5 inches and of course Callie seemed to nose her way over to any shore lunch being cooked. Hard to believe she is in such good shape.

Musky hunters were out a couple times this week while fishing for walleyes as well. They landed 3 muskies for the week biggest being 42 inches! We also had some nice Pike caught as well without anyone specifically targeting them. Small mouth bass were caught with ease while looking for walleyes as well. Brian from C-2 hooked a small mouth bass that a huge Northern Pike decided it wanted to eat. When the Pike hit the bass it slid up the fishing line and the Pike impaled itself on the hook that originally was in the bass. Both fish were boated and released! Nice job Brian (as if that was intentional)!

Week 16 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: It was a nice day Sunday, and as the anglers went out to fish I had a feeling we would have a nice musky and pike caught. I was correct and that brought up a dilemma since we generally only hand out one hat for the combined trophy. Last BBQ of the year and both guys that had nice fish were named Mike and since we all know how great a name Mike is I decided to award both a hat. I guess the stars were aligned right. Mike from C-2 boated and released a fat 34-Inch Pike, while Mike from C-6 boated and released a 40-inch Musky! Nice job guys! Gene from C-6 fought a 5.5-inch Small mouth bass to claim the Micro prize, and Chuck from C-1 somehow won with a 19-inch Walleye. The walleye were not very cooperative today! Congratulations everyone!

This weeks recipe: I can verify these are all delicious!!

As Autumn sets in we're continuing staining, and preparing to put some of our boats to slumber. Our moose hunters are going to be headed up soon for their annual bush adventure!

Don’t forget to send those photos via Facebook, text, or email

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Good morning RSL Family! Week 15 Wrap-Up!

The leaves are changing and the lake as well. It’s hard to believe we’re in fall now, but alas football season started Thursday night and if you are a college football fan it has been a long time since last January! Baseball season is inching towards the playoffs and my trout fishing trip with my father and family and friends is approaching. I consider it my mini RSL vacation.

The Original Rich Award winner Cabin 2. The crew had a couple little mishaps that ended in a good way, so I’ll just share it here. Mike was holding a new fishing rod and started to lose his balance in the boat. Rather than falling into the lake he dropped his pole and grabbed the gunnel of the boat. Unfortunately for him he dropped his pole in the lake and said it sank like a lead weight. By pure luck Steve and the boys up in P2 were fishing in the same area the next day and Steve and Robert happened to snag some fishing line and started to handline it up and attached to the line was a shiny new fishing rod and reel. After an interrogation of Mike by Team P2 it was determined the found fishing rod was in fact Mike’s. Great ending to that story. The other event that Cabin 2 was involved in dealt with Todd. The gents said if something could happen it would happen to Todd, and as luck would have it we were called out to the lake because they couldn’t get their boat to start. As we approached their boat Todd’s hat blew off his head and his partner made a statement as if that wasn’t the first time. Fortunately said hat floated long enough so we could net the hat and I jumped in their boat and after replacing a fuse on the starter they fired up the boat and all was good! I know the stories weren’t that good. With that being said I forgot to mention in last week’s blog that we had a good portion of the camp down on the beach house dock and a seagull decided it wanted a minnow on a hook more than the angler wanted to get it into the water to catch a walleye. The seagull flew into the line and got caught. Seagull Whisperer Dean jumped into action and grabbed the bird to help it get untangled. Brian (C2 once again) went to assist Dean and the bird bit Dean on the arm. Brian grabbed the bird’s beak and squeezed down on Deans arm more instead of pulling the beak off Dean. A few kind words were said, and Brian pulled the bird off Dean! They untangled the bird and off it went with an empty stomach! I’m starting to wonder if Cabin 2 has a upside down horseshoe placed somewhere!

The walleye bite has been very light and anglers were chasing them all over the lake looking for hungry ones. We keep hearing there are tons of fish in there normal fall spots but in order to catch them you had to wait 10 to 15 seconds because they were grabbing the back end of the bait and being very slow to inhale the bait. Jeremy was having success with jigging raps and had better luck getting aggressive strikes using the jigging rap as opposed to a slower presentation. Same areas I mentioned last week were loaded with walleyes that were either light biting or tight lipped. It made for some head scratching of the fisherman. My buddy Ted came up with his Live scope and he let me use it out on the sandbar one evening, and as soon as we got to 30 feet I dropped my jig in and a huge fish came and smoked it. It ended up being a 30-Inch Pike or so as I didn’t take the time to measure it since I knew it was over 27.5 anyway. I was joking with the guys and kept increasing the size until the end of the week where I believe the Pike measured 46 inches haha. I’m working on my fish tale skills.

I know everyone up here understands Cedar Lake flows into Perrault Lake, but Steve was over by the burnt out bridge throwing musky lures with Charlie’s wife Kaylie and noticed the flow of the river was running back into Cedar Lake. Charlie said there are more natural springs in Perrault and our lake level is so low there just isn’t enough water entering Cedar for the current to flow normally. Very weird and interesting and might be one reason the fish have been more finicky.

Cabin 2 crew was named the Small mouth crew as they absolutely hammered the bass on a daily basis! Everytime they came in I asked and they would have some decent Pike and some very nice small mouth bass! It almost turned into a joke since they weren’t necessarily fishing for bass but wow did they catch them in bunches. Almost reminded me of our lawyer Lydia who always seemed to be the only one in the boat to catch bass while everyone else caught walleyes! Len caught another Musky on the sandbar fishing for walleyes! Nice job Len!

Week 15 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: Was a beautiful day on the lake Sunday for our weekly tournament. For the first time since its inception we had a Cabin Sweep! Cabin 1 Ted, Tyrone (Ty), and Ryan rounded out the tournament! Ty caught and released a 27-Inch Musky! Ted boated a 10.5-Inch Walleye for the Micro prize, and Ryan boated and released a very healthy 27.5-Inch Walleye!

This weeks recipe:

We’ve got a full camp again this week and enjoyed our last bbq of the season as we turned the page into September. Time to prepare for moose hunting and earlier sunsets as we lose minutes each day. Tight Lines and safe travels to those of you coming up this month!

Don’t forget to send those photos via Facebook, text, or email

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