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week-10 wrap up

Good morning RSL Family! Week 10 Wrap-Up! We completed some projects this week albeit with assistance. The RSL sign down by the waterfront has been replaced with a new stunning scene! So nice we are going to make it the new RSL Logo. Now to get it digitized so we can use it more effectively. I think everyone will agree that its spectacular and embodies everything Rocky Shore Lodge! Thanks Sara! Shawn climbed up on the roof of the Beach house and dragged me up also and in 2 days we got her a new roof! I forgot a pack of shingles weighs a touch more than it did 10 years ago, or so it feels like it when humping them up a ladder. We’re approaching the staining season quickly so if you are coming up still this summer and fall you will probably see Harvey and I slinging stain when people are out catching fish.

The Original Rich Award is being handed out to everyone who unknowingly feeds our resident raven. We had some new guests in Cabin 2 and Cabin 4 this week. Cabin 4 provided Rick, Gary C-3, and I with a good laugh! While the C-4 crew was up playing bags/corn hole we were watching the Raven gorge itself on Red licorice! Rick looked at me and said does that look like licorice? I said holy cow yes it does. I asked the guys if they like Red licorice, and they of course said yes. I yelled up to them the Raven does also! Talk about a RAVENous appetite! Half a bag was left in the boat, and when the guys went down to check all that was left was an empty bag of what was licorice! This morning Harvey was gassing boats and the guys up in P2 unknowingly fed the Raven Cheez its! As funny as this is we hate to see the Raven going from boat to boat and cabin to cabin for its meals so…. Try and remember not to leave snacks in the boats and outside the cabin when you aren’t there as the Raven will and I repeat will find them. I watched a bag of Doritos take flight on Week 2 it was impressive to say the least. We have discovered chocolate is not a desired treat for the Raven.

Steve from Cabin 1 was going to make the Award list as he always seems to be an accident waiting to happen, but I figured sticking a treble hook in his finger was a bit too painful to award him. On a side note he removed the hook by himself while James held his finger and never flinched. I asked how bad it was he said wasn’t bad at all. Not the first time he’s caught himself. Speaking of hooks…

Public Service Announcement: Please do not put hooks or lures into your trash can.

Harvey discovered a musky lure this morning taking the trash out as he almost got it impaled in his thigh. Fortunately, it caught the back of the light on the truck first alerting Harvey it was there. If you are getting rid of a ruined lure, please please cut the hooks and make it safe for disposal. I would hate for one of us to find it the bad way or for a bear to step on a treble hook in the dump.

The Walleyes are hanging on the humps and deeper points. Fishing in the 15 to 20 foot range has been good this week again with the weed walleye in shallower. We had a group of perch anglers up catching walleyes in their normal perch places. Slip Bobber fishing has been excellent, and a simple dead stick presentation have been excellent. Lazy summer days and lazy style of fishing has been providing lots of walleye meals, and take home fish. So good in fact I gave the new guys a couple spots to go to on Day 1 and they caught fish all week without asking me for new spots. I fished last evening a touch with my better half Julie, and family. The leeches worked of course but the crawlers outfished the leech bite. Something to think about as the summer wanes. Minnow bite will be switching back over in the next few weeks without a doubt!

Speaking of new guys! Cabin 2 crew who did well this week lost a fish to a seagull! Dakota caught a Smallie, and it was a small smallie. Micro Fish material from what I’ve been told. He tossed said smallie back into the lake and it struggled a bit on the water when a seagull dove down on the smallie grabbed it and accidentally grabbed Dakota’s line since the bass was right next to the boat. Seagull took flight and Dakota tried to get his line away from the seagull without any luck. Seagull was brought in by now an avian angler and his brother Tanner grabbed the seagull by its leg to free it from its monoline anchor. Seagull (Not Jonathon Livingston) did not care for Tanner grabbing it and bit him. Tanner released the fish grabbing winged bird and it took off again with line around it. They cut the line and freed the seagull to fly again away from the boat and hopefully a tad smarter. No animals were hurt during this event but lots of laughter ensued!

A big thanks to Charlie this week! He is up here for two weeks in a row and his first gang had to leave on Wednesday leaving him alone in Cabin 6. No problem as he volunteered to take out our two seniors this week Shirley and Linda and showed them walleye fishing! The ladies caught over 50 walleyes and Charlie said he was busy netting, and baiting hooks and hardly dropped a line in the water. When we talk about the RSL Family this is what it is all about! One of the ladies caught a 26-Inch walleye as a personal best and got a picture on Charlie’s lap with it. I’m hoping to get that photo for this week’s blog. Charlie has already lined up a Walleye fishing date with both Shirley and Linda for next year! Speaking of Charlie he brought up two picnic tables for one of the shore lunch spots. He took some tools and wood and he and his buddies made one of our shore lunch spots a much nicer place for everyone to enjoy! More to follow next week!

Small mouth fishing easy again this week. As the Walleyes were hanging deep during the midsummer afternoons’ anglers moved in on Perch and Smallies with great success. The problem I have is where those elusive perch are hanging out. It’s different everyday and in order for you to find them you have to do some work and if you find them know they are going to move around, and you will need to keep chasing them in the bays and grassy areas. We had some nice perch brought in and some football sized bass also!

We had a few muskies boated this week from C-1 and C-6 the largest being Bruce with a 38-Inch. Zero dedicated musky anglers this week so not a lot on that front.

Shirley, Linda, Lynn, Una, Erin, Jay, Don, and Brian were chasing Perch this week, and caught some really nice eaters! Jay stated you had to keep on em to get them, but they had a lot of fun this week. They also enjoyed catching weed walleyes while Perch fishing!

Week 10 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: Another Sunday tournament in the books. We had a lot of Walleyes being recorded today and quite a few Micro seekers! Newcomer Roe from C-6 took the Walleye Prize with a very healthy 25-Inch Walleye! I awarded James from C-1 with a 22.5-Inch Pike but on further review after he sent me the picture on the bump board, I'm thinking the pike grew as it clearly shows 25.5-Inches. I probably heard him wrong, and he did win a hat regardless of such nice job James! Newcomer Tanner boated and released a respectable 5-Inch Small mouth Bass to grab the Micro Trophy! The Beach house was full tilt boogie with zero seats to be had and thanks for everyone with the dishes for the BBQ! Congrats again to the winners!

Another fun week is in the books and we’re full tilt again this week with boats chasing walleyes, Muskies, and Bass. Tight Lines everyone!

Photos can be sent on Messenger, photo dropped on Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge, or emailed to

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