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Week 16 Wrap-Up!

Good afternoon RSL Family! Week 16 Wrap-Up!

Sunny and cool with a northerly breeze as I write this. Public service announcement: if you need a new passport for next year a guest informed me it can take up to six months so consider re applying earlier than normal. Photos were a little sparse this week. If I get some more sent to me I will adjust the blog accordingly.

The Original Rich Award was not handed out this week. Gene from Cabin 6 accidentally launched a musky rod fishing in Times Square by accident but not enough other issues took place to truly qualify for such a prestigious award as the Original Rich!

The walleyes were tighter lipped again this week as our anglers headed out fishing. We still had plenty of fish fries and take-home walleyes. Hopeless, Bills Point, humps off of Burnt Island and Little Duck, and a couple spots on Cedar were the best spots to catch walleyes. We had quality fish caught up to 28.5 inches and of course Callie seemed to nose her way over to any shore lunch being cooked. Hard to believe she is in such good shape.

Musky hunters were out a couple times this week while fishing for walleyes as well. They landed 3 muskies for the week biggest being 42 inches! We also had some nice Pike caught as well without anyone specifically targeting them. Small mouth bass were caught with ease while looking for walleyes as well. Brian from C-2 hooked a small mouth bass that a huge Northern Pike decided it wanted to eat. When the Pike hit the bass it slid up the fishing line and the Pike impaled itself on the hook that originally was in the bass. Both fish were boated and released! Nice job Brian (as if that was intentional)!

Week 16 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: It was a nice day Sunday, and as the anglers went out to fish I had a feeling we would have a nice musky and pike caught. I was correct and that brought up a dilemma since we generally only hand out one hat for the combined trophy. Last BBQ of the year and both guys that had nice fish were named Mike and since we all know how great a name Mike is I decided to award both a hat. I guess the stars were aligned right. Mike from C-2 boated and released a fat 34-Inch Pike, while Mike from C-6 boated and released a 40-inch Musky! Nice job guys! Gene from C-6 fought a 5.5-inch Small mouth bass to claim the Micro prize, and Chuck from C-1 somehow won with a 19-inch Walleye. The walleye were not very cooperative today! Congratulations everyone!

This weeks recipe: I can verify these are all delicious!!

As Autumn sets in we're continuing staining, and preparing to put some of our boats to slumber. Our moose hunters are going to be headed up soon for their annual bush adventure!

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