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Week 11 Wrap-up!

Good afternoon RSL Family! Week 11 Wrap-Up! Bear baiting season has started and obviously I’m late with last weeks results!

Had a super busy week with Musky guys fishing as late as 4:30 am and a full camp of people chasing Walleyes and Smallies. Weather cooperated and tons of fish were caught and some big ones to boot. The bite remains light and slip bobber fishing as well as simple hook and split shot out produced most other types of fishing.

It seemed like family week this week. Wives, sisters, brother-In-Laws, sister-in-Laws, nephew, and friends of family! Needless to say we had a very nice week and appreciated all our guests understanding and allowing us a little time to spend with family! Steve and I didn’t have to cook at all!

Thanks to Charlie for the renovation of the shore lunch spot across from Cedar Island, and he also found a new spot off of Little Hatfield Island they started work on. Although it’s not complete he said it’s easy to get boats into and next year there will be a new picnic table on that spot as well. Thanks Charlie and the P2 Crew!

The Original Rich Award this week goes out to Leah from C3 and Don, and Mike from Cabin 6. Originally I figured Leah had it wrapped up after Day 1 when she discovered that the ladder on the back of their boat will tip into the lake when applying weight to it, or leaning on it. Into the lake she went, and Les caught a personal best for the 2nd time! The first time was in 2019 when he proposed on the lake after Leah caught a 30-Inch Walleye! The Runners-Up goes out to Don and Mike. They were successful in losing 2 anchors in one week! One of the anchors simply disappeared off the transom of the boat while traveling. The other one simply got stuck like so many other anchors on the lake. Wonder how many anchors are stuck on the bottom of the lake! Don recommended we add a Gold package boat plus 2 anchor special next year and we will take it up for consideration!

The Walleye bite as discussed earlier seemed a bit light, but that didn’t stop The Fetzer Trio from boating over 500 Walleyes, and Grandpa/Dad Fetzer said he caught a few of those! Josh and his crew of 4 neared 600 walleyes for the week, and Leah and Les boated 10 fish over 28-inches although Leah couldn’t get to 30-inches this year. A couple 29.5-inchers were all they mustered for the week! Those people who don’t think fishing is good in the late summer up here just don’t understand. We had quite a few 29-Inch Walleyes this week and just lots of great fish in the mid 20s plus numbers, and most of our guests said it felt like a lighter bite than normal.

Some quality muskies and Pike were boated and released this week. Anglers were targeting the moon phase heavily and the times were fished whether it was midnight or 2am. Private boats only of course.

I never got the total numbers of muskies, but the count from the Brag Board reads 9 with the largest being 50.5-Inches caught by Les from C3! Nice work guys and gals!

Week 11 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: Eli came in with a very solid caught, photo, and release of a 37-inch Musky! I think this is the photo of the fish. Ron from C-4 pulled in a 6-Inch Small mouth Bass to claim the Micro prize, and Leah in C-3 boated and released a very solid 28.25-Inch Walleye ! Congratulations to our winners!

Wacky cake Recipe from mom baked by Steve:

That’s a wrap for a shortened Week 11 Wrap-Up! Tight Lines everyone!

Photos can be sent on Messenger, photo dropped on Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge, or emailed to

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