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Week 12 Wrap-Up!

Good afternoon RSL Family! Week 12 Wrap-Up! Here I am on Friday afternoon an entire week late on the Wrap-Up! I know some of you enjoy reading the blog in a timely manner so for that I apologize.

We had some new members to the RSL Family as well as some long timers! Fishing was good and then we also had some not so hot days. Seems like we had some weird weather patterns that gave us multiple direction wind and it made the walleye chase bait all over the place when they found bait balls to chase!

The Original Rich Award this week goes to none other than me (Mike). Harvey and I always tell people what you say and do at RSL can and will be used against you. So with that thought process in mind I will jump on my own sword and fess up to a couple woopsies. Don and Laverne came up and brought some very good friends with them for their first trip to RSL. Of course we always strive to take care of our guests. To make a short story long and to propose a defense for my Award; the week prior I was pulling boats out and doing midsummer oil changes and changed plugs in all the boats. With that being said Boat 7 was the last boat completed. I put it in the water and prepared for a quick test run when I got ready to get up on plane I realized I forgot the gas can. We actually gave it to Bill since he was guiding and wanted to take the guests down to Cedar Lake and I decided to give them extra half tank of gas. Of course since I was doing the oil change etc on Boat 7 what better boat to pull a gas can out and give to Bill. Okay that was mistake one….Mistake 2 happened when I got distracted with said gas can and forgot to connect the last spark plug. So with all this in mind I didn’t test run the boat with no gas can so I turned it around and docked it. The following week I gave it to one of Don and LaVerne’s friends. They headed out for their first day got a few hundred yards from the shore and the motor died. They were towed back and of course I discovered their issue. No problem gas can connected off they go. Back they came ten minutes later and let me know the motor just doesn’t seem right. I of course found the issue within about ten seconds of lifting the cover off the motor. I definitely deserve the award this week!

The Walleyes were biting on crawlers, leeches, and the minnow bite has started to come back. The sandbar has also heated up quite well, and it seems like our guests are taking advantage of the bite more than some of the other lodges. It won’t be long before that changes. Humps, sunken island have been good sources to go for. We have some more spots obviously when you get up here we will fill you in. Scott brought his two sons Carter and six year old Jackson. Jackson on day 1 boated a 28.5-Inch Walleye! Like a chip off the old block when Jacksons dad Scott boated a 28-inch Walleye Jackson informed him that it was smaller than his the day before! Ahhhh like Father like Son! They had quite a week and I think Jackson is counting the days down already! P2 had a good week pulling in multiple plus 25-Inch Walleyes! Roy and Rhonda switched weeks and were able to make it up and as usual they did well catching walleye, Northern, and some nice perch to boot. Mark and Marty in P1 went out early and came back happy pretty much every day. Caught tons of Walleyes! Reif and Scott were up last year fishing and like many other people they got an anchor stuck on the rocks on one of the humps and had to cut it loose to become another permanent member of the Perrault Lake anchor club. Well this year they were fishing close to that location and wouldn’t you know it they pulled up that old anchor. Reif it’s waiting for you when you get here next season!

We did not have any musky hunters this week but there were some nice Pike caught. No one reported an accidental Musky catch this week.

Week 12 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: Another Sunday fun day on the water, and quite a few nice fish caught but alas there can be only one (Highlander movie reference) or three winners. Starting out of the gate our Micro prize winner Jackson from C-6 and age 6 boated and released a 6.75-Inch Small mouth Bass and chose a 5 of Diamonds for his prize. Used it fishing for Pike and its pretty beat up. I'm awaiting a photo of it. Mark from P1 boated a healthy 26.75-Inch Walleye to claim top spot Sunday! Don from C-1 boated a 26.5-Inch Pike to capture the Pike/Musky Prize! Congratulations to all our winners this week!

With our new guests arriving now and our first two Bear Hunters in camp I have to call this a wrap! Tight Lines everyone! Hope to get Week 13 Wrap-Up completed much sooner than next Friday! I'll get the recipe posted soon!

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