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week 13 wrap-up

Good late week with the blog RSL friends and family. I know many of you have been waiting for the blog. I had to put this on the backburner while baiting and tracking Bears. I know it’s not an excuse, but it is true. Week 13 was here and gone before we knew it. We had wonderful weather albeit a bit breezy on days. The fish were on the humps, reefs, and some were found on the walls off Little Manotak and Hatfield. The leeches are finally gone in the area, but not to worry the minnow bite is starting to come back and nightcrawlers are catching big walleyes! We had some new guests and some multiple timers here this week. Harvey and I were anticipating running a lot. We were wrong and the pace in camp was normal. We did hear a story during the bbq about a certain crew that drove partway across the lake with their anchor. He ended the story with I found Hump 3! The rope gave since the hump didn’t. I won’t name names but needless to say everyone got a big laugh out of it.

The walleyes were being caught in their normal summer locations with a few in deeper water on the walls. Congratulations go out to multiple 30-inch Walleye winner Don (Mr. Walleye) Hady! He boated another 30-incher. I also have to give credit to Herbie considering he has been the net man landing most of Don’s big fish. Nice job Herbie.

Smallmouth fishing has exploded folks. If you want Smallies no need to concern yourself Shore lunch with smallies up here is delicious and there were many eaten last week.

We had a couple Musky anglers and they boated several nice Musky. We have more coming in Week 14 as well. This is time of year when fish are starting to feed for winter and I’m expecting more success for the upcoming Musky hunters.

Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts. Thanks.

Monster Fish Monday results: Congratulations to our double hat winner Ron Newman! He landed a very nice 37-inch Northern Pike, and a 26.75-inch Walleye! Finn Kaster (first timer) had his drag set just right and was able to fend off multiple jumps out of the water (so I heard) to land a very respectable 4.5-inch Perch to grab the Micro Fish Prize! Congratulations Finn!

Bear season is in full swing and our hunters had great success, but that is for next weeks blog.

As we head into Week 14 we get to welcome back Mike and Chris Briesemeister for some fishing and Rocky Shore fun!

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Donna Audas Larkin
Donna Audas Larkin
Aug 22, 2019

Always good to hear from you. I'm finally as good as I'm apparently going to get past hand surgery #1 for a trigger finger. Today I meet with my friendly hand surgeon to schedule hand surgery #2. Recovery has been slow... I went through this a couple times 40 or so years ago and it was simple and quick... A different surgeon this time, and I'm left wondering... is he just not quite as skilled... or is my advanced age a factor. Hoping for an easier surgery #2... but at any rate, having surgery now will give me time to get my hands back in gear by next spring. I'm otherwise doing great and looking forward to our nex…

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